Carry only one gun?

Multiple CCW

Unless you happen to live in a jurisdiction where you can't carry multiple. Firearms do break. My handgun collection is over a couple of dozen now. Some are collector items such as my Astra A-90 and my 10mm pistols (one is a retired FBI issue S&W 1076).

Another issue is can you effectively conceal multiple firearms? The most I have done just to see if I could do it was four; shoulder, IWB (tuckable), pocket and ankle.

Ankle doesn't work for me. I don't like the weight on my ankle or foot bones. You also have to go into a prone position to draw it which can leave you vulnerable. It also has an adverse affect on my gait which can telegraph that something attached to your ankle along with causing orthopedic or podiatry issues if done long term.

Pocket works for small .32 ACP, .380 ACP and 9mm pistols. Unfortunately both of my pocket .380s are broken; drawbar on my NAA Guardian and the mag release on my Kel-Tec P3AT. I need to send them both back.

When I travel I bring at least three with me, a pair of semi-auto pistols and a snub nose .357. When my pocket .380s are fixed, I'll add that to the mix.

How many I carry depends on my attire. It's much easier to carry multiple firearms in cooler weather as you'll be wearing more clothing to facilitate concealment. When I feel like carrying a BUG it's typically a revolver in addition to a semi-auto pistol.

In the hot desert climate when it's over 110, I'm lucky to get away with one wearing light clothing.

Just bought a Bersa 380, since I retired found the way I now dress is not conductive to carring a 4" 357. Looking for a good way to carry and not mess up my golf swing.
golf swing

To each his own! I don't golf, but in the course of way too many decades, I find cross-draw carry is frequently the least interference to normal activities. I do carry a 4" .357 IWB, tucked (snap button shirts open really quick!), and it is like nothing is there, until I reach for it. Seated, as in driving or in meetings, and (formerly) working horseback, it is not in the way, and easy to draw. I know some people swear it is a bad choice, but everything is a compromise.
I can think of a few reasons for carrying a BUG.
1. If a criminal figures out that you're carrying, you'll either be their 1st target or they will demand that you disarm. Normally, they would not suspect that you have a backup.
2. My wife doesn't carry, but she's very proficient with the BUG that I carry. In a precarious situation, she may end up being my BUS (back up shooter). She knows to go for my BUG if my primary gun is drawn and I position myself between her and the criminal.
3. In numerous gunfights, shooters have been shot in their firing hand or the gun itself has been hit due to tunnel vision on the part of the criminal.
4. Even the most reliable firearms can, and probably will, experience a malfunction at some point.
5. You may find yourself in a situation where it's difficult to reach your primary weapon.

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