carry on a motorcycle?


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My antiques will do 140 in high gear.............if dropped from a plane.
Seriously they are happiest :biggrin: at about 45-55 mph for the pre-50s ones. The post 50s can do highway speeds if I wanted them to with no problem. The problem is not if, but when they blow up :fie:it is expensive and a pain to locate parts.

Hey, I got mine up to about 70 or 80 and realized that 1. My face couldn't handle the wind abuse without a helmet, 2. I probably shouldn't be riding that fast without a helmet (My T for Triumph scar on my forehead attests to that), and 3. I am nowhere near experienced enough to see if that 140 on the speedometer is for real. So I'm sure not gonna make fun of those sweet ol' cruisers.


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I joined up just to talk about this exact topic. I ride year round and was wondering the best way to carry on my Hayabusa. I've got a lot of great ideas from you folks and think i will get it worked out.

Hey bro, didnt know you were on here. :pleasantry: I have pondered this situation many times. Most of the LEO's I ride with put it in the thank or tail bag. I am still not sure what I will do with mine. Seems like you would print if carried in the small of the back, and I am not sure how high my jacket would ride. I might need to get another jacktet that comes down further. Adding a shot of the bike.


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I carry the same way on or off the bike, OWB strong side. If things got bad enough that someone needs to be shooting while riding, well that is what the little lady is for :pleasantry:. She rides with me and can access my 1911 while riding if she has to. I worry about the get away and she can handle anything else.


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I ride a Supermoto so no saddle bags but when I ride I carry in the inside pocket of my riding jacket. My biggest reason for this is A) Should my shirt and jacket ride up while I am riding I don't want someone getting any crazy thoughts in their heads and freaking out when they see a firearm and than start aiming for me thinking they are going to be a hero only to find out I am legally carrying and B) In the event that I do go down chances are I will be favoring my right side and end up dragging on my right hip where my firearm would be which could possibly cause further injury or god forbid the dragging causes the hammer to drop than I have a whole other problem on my hands. Probably over-thinking it but I am a pessimist by nature.:biggrin:
You will either be grabbing hard on the throttle or you will be off the bike shooting. Not both. Carry as normal and learn to get out of a situation first. If you find you need to shoot, then off the bike and take cover.


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I don't think that people here are fully appreciating what can happen on a bike that is not necessarily the Terminator or Machete "riding and gunning" their way through a major city. Consider other possible scenarios:

1. You stop on a backroad at a stop sign, look both ways and are about to proceed when you are struck from behind just hard enough to knock you from your bike. You regain your composure and pick yourself up, approaching the driver to exchange information, only to realize that the driver and his passenger, who exited with a gun, intend to take your bike and leave you a pedestrian.

2. Your waiting at a stop light as three friends cross the crosswalk. Just as they reach the end and are about to step onto the sidewalk, the largest grabs you and yanks you off your bike, the smallest grabs the bike, and the final one pulls a knife.

3. You've been riding for hours and you pick a convenience store at random to stop and get a drink. You pull into a parking spot and kick the stand into position. Unfortunately, the store was chosen by a flash mob about two minutes before you arrived and they are now exiting the store as you remove yourself from your bike. However, four or five of the guys in the mob think your bike would be fun to ride around the neighborhood and the rest of the mob decides to convince you with fists and clubs.

Convoluted? Sure. Unlikely? Maybe. But the point is that you should be able to draw your weapon on your motorcycle the same as if you are walking down the street. You are much more exposed on a motorcycle, especially when in traffic (multiple so if you won't or are in states that make illegal lane splitting) or at a stoplight or sign than in a closeable, lockable car, van or SUV. Having a gun in your saddle bags or where you can't draw it immediately on your body may leave you undefended when you need it most or, even worse, arm the motorcycle thief that successfully steals your bike!

Flash mobs are just one example of how criminal behavior is evolving, and even though it sounds cliche, we even have to expect the unexpected. That which sounds ridiculous today will be standard criminal practice tomorrow, and I want to keep my life and my bike.


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The biggest issue I was having is IWB my jacket and shirt would ride up in the wind. Thus showing off my (very accurate and one lucky draw) Llama 380.

Now I can use a shoulder rig. But I noticed that throws my weight and ability to stretch off.

I tried with a counter weighted shoulder and it was better but I still can't move as much.

OWB shows like bird excrement on a black car.

The last point is. If I'm knocked off my bike I can't grab outta my tank bag or my saddle bag.

And no. I can't use a pocket holster because I ride a cafe racer classic bike. So even my asthma inhaler falls out of my pocket.


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This is my ride (I'm taking the picture.)
It's a 1989 Yamaha Radian 600 cafe racer.

It will do 90 with a tail wind.
80 any other day.


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Try a jacket with an elastic waistband or a velcro strap in the waistband. That should hold your jacket down. You could always have a velcro strap sewed into the waistband on the jackets you currently have. That will keep it from riding up.


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I have an elastic but even still if you couldn't tell I don't have a windshield so I have full force at me. And being I have a longer abdomen when I lean forward it comes up a little.


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I have an elastic but even still if you couldn't tell I don't have a windshield so I have full force at me. And being I have a longer abdomen when I lean forward it comes up a little.

As others have said you might be better served with a shoulder rig..

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