Carry in Fed Parks Approved


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Beginning the first of the new year, you will be able to carry in "SOME" Federal Parks across the country. For us here in TN we can carry in The Great Smokey Mountain Parks.

State parks still off limits.

Just read it in todays paper. Glad to hear the 25year old bill has been repealed.

Yep. I am hoping we can use this to change the law on park carry in TN. I mean if the Federal Government trust us to carry in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park, does it really make sense for TN to say we can't carry at Paris Landing State Park?
I emailed Bill Corker, our TN Senator and thanked him for voting in-favor of the carry law in Fed parks. (It was in the paper that he voted for its approval). I also mentioned to him to get the state and public parks thingy changed also. We'll see what happens.
Thought I read in our local paper that state park carry had been passed.(some state parks)

One bill passed in the Criminal Practice & Procedures sub-committee, but it still has to be heard by the full Judiciary committee and then full house, passed in the Senate and signed by the Governor before it will become law effective on 7/1/2009.

There is another bill that would allow carry in all parks, including local that was rolled one week till Wednesday.

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