Carry friendly camping areas in central FL? (Brevard)


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Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on good camping areas that allow concealed firearms. I have my FL permit. We live in the Cocoa area and all of the camping areas I've found on the web prohibit guns of any kind (there were one or two that allowed hunting, but camping is prohibited during the hunting times). While I understand that it's a good idea not to allow a group of drunken young'uns wave around their daddy's shotguns, I would really not like to be helpless if some crook decides to rob us (or worse). We wouldn't mind traveling a bit out of the way. We (or at least I) prefer a more primitive camp out in the woods away from all civilization type. I'm not in the area yet but that is where my next assignment is, so I will be there in a couple months. Thanks for any input folks! :)

I think the last govenor signed a law that says they are permited at parks with ccw permit. Don't quote me and please do more research.
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The law that Charlie Crist signed says yoou are allowed to carry in any FL state park. Private campgrounds can still ban firearms. As kwo51, says below do your research.
You guys are the best. There was indeed a bill passed to allow carrying of firearms in state parks, although I think the term it uses is "national forest" or some such. See house bill 1029: Link Removed (hopefully that link works)

That issue being cleared up, where do you guys like to camp? :)
You guys are the best. There was indeed a bill that was passed to allow concealed carry in state parks, although I think the term used in the bill is "national forests" or some such. See house bill 1029 (hopefully this link works): Link Removed

That issue being cleared up, where do you guys like to camp/hike? :)
For quick trips (I'm in Deltona), we will hit Wekiva State Park but that is not real primitive camping. For longer trips, I will go to Silver River State Park in Ocala right down the road from Silver Springs Amusement Park. By the way there is a great public range in the Ocala National Forest on the way up :biggrin: There is also Ichtucknee (I know that's not spelled right) and Rainbow River, which I also visit on a regular basis.
Need A Local range

Living up the road from Silver River State Park I can highly recomend it. I am looking for an indoor pistol range on the area, any hepl would be appreciated.

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