Carry CC or Open?


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I'm new here on the forum and Va.with a new CC permit, reading a lot of forum issues my question
lots of questions on carry of CC or open are here in the forum , from what I read in the laws and published info
you may carry if no signs are posted of course except for Courthouse , School, Restraunt serving alchol,Church
but if any person in authority of the establishment, being a manager or owner says there is no carry allowed here isn't that there right to not offer carry in the place? or am I wrong in what I read
I espically noticed an article on a home Depot in Roanoke the manager said not carry was allowed in the store, now there was no sign posted but if there were a sign posted isn't it the right of the manager to not allow.
Don't get me wrong here, I'm for carry anywhere if you have a permit, open carry may be a bit of question
I've been a firearms dealer for over 25 years but want to understand the issues in Va., since I'm new here
Thanks all

Here is a link with all the information that you requested: Link Removed

ETA: Here is a letter from Home Depot saying that they do not prohibit carrying legally: Link Removed
I never open carry because I don't like the attention. When I was sent to a training seminar in Reston, I went to Chammps to get lunch with my co-worker. I didn't realize that there was a bar there until we had already entered the establishment and were about to be seated. So I lifted my shirt over my holster to make sure that the maitre-de saw my weapon. She apparently didn't have a problem with it and seated us without incident. Since I am a Reserve Police Officer (but not LEOSA qualified), I carry under the authority of my permit when off-duty, not my badge. However, just to be safe, I clipped my badge next to my weapon on my belt because I didn't feel like having the cops called on me and being detained. At the same time, I was worried that if a crime were to occur in my presence and I neglected to act, there would be some trouble since people would think I was on-duty and technically, I have no arrest authority off-duty. Needless to say, I was an extremely uneasy the entire time. I later found out that this is the same restaurant that regularly hosts the meetups. So I hadn't much to worry about anyways.

Needless to say, I don't understand the rationale behind requiring open carry in bars.
It's not so much that OC is required in bars per se as that before VA passed a CCW law it was,and still is, legal to OC without a permit in VA. There was no law against carry in places that serve alcohol for onsite consumption. When the CCW law was passed they decided to make places that serve alcohol for onsite consumption illegal while you are carrying concealed. ...but it is is still legal when you OC. Sort of like you have to be 21 to get a CCW, but can OC without a permit at 18

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