Caravan to the Idaho State Capitol for the February 23rd 2nd Amendment Rally


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Caravan to the Capitol for February 23 Rally
The Day of Resistance and the Armed Women Are Safer rally will be held in the Rotunda of the State Capitol in Boise. We are encouraging people who are driving a long distance to this rally, to team up and make a caravan with American flags flying, honking your horns and writing on your windows to let people know that you are part of a 2nd Amendment Rally caravan. Bring handmade signs with unique pro-gun messages.
People coming from Idaho Falls should drive through Blackfoot, then Pocatello, then Twin Fall and then Mountain home, and pick up caravaners in each city. Those coming from the north, meet in McCall; arrange to meet with those in Cascade, and those coming from Ontario, meet up with those from Caldwell/Nampa and caravan from the West. Leave early enough for everyone to arrive by 11:00am. You may park in the outdoor state employee parking lots on Saturday.
If you want to participate in the caravan, Email me at [email protected] and then go to the forum on click on the top thread “Caravan to the Capitol Rally” and make your meeting arrangements on the forum. I will help you coordinate. Here is a picture of the flyer you should copy and email, print and disribute in your community and post on your community bulletin board. Email me if you want a copy via email.Link Removed

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