Car Carry & Onto an Army Post in SC?


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I don't have a concealed carry permit yet but figured you all, better than most, would be up on the laws regarding transport I need to know about.

I'll be traveling in and around SC in my van and wanted to know about taking a handgun with me. I'd prefer to transport it in a lawful way that might provide some utility for self-defense, or I'd just keep it unloaded, cased and locked in the "default" safe manner federally approved for interstate transport.

These are the notes I made from reading the document on car carry at HandGunLaw. Not being a lawyer, I'm seeking confirmation of a more practical nature on these matters:

SC (without concealed carry permit):

- Is it mandatory to notify an officer of a handgun in the vehicle, regardless of where or how its being transported?

- May carry loaded handgun in closed glove box, closed console, closed trunk or in luggage area.

- "Luggage compartment" means luggage area behind seats and out of reach in a van.

- How do laws regarding transport vary when in state parks (?).

Additionally, I'll be entering an Army post (Fort Jackson) repeatedly during the week. Are the laws for going on post different than the state laws? I'll be staying in a billet there overnight - should I just carry my cased handgun into the room in my regular luggage? How is that handled and can anyone offer advice that might save me trouble.

Any advice or discussion will be appreciated.

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I am certain the rules and laws are different for Fort Jackson and

SC. state law doesn't apply. You need to contact the provost or what ever at Jackson and find out what the deal is... I suspect it will be that you have to check it in especially since you are staying over night.... It is possible you could leave it locked in the Van... but I doubt it.
Of course there is always the 'don't ask / don't tell and hope theory.' Of course when you drive up to the gate.... I bet they are going to ask.
Oh you bet they are different!!!

First as previoulsy stated it is a FEDERAL MILITARY INSTALLATION! Federal law applies here not state. So your permit is no good here. Second everybase is different. I was station at Camp Pendleton, a Marine base, we were good to go as long as we had registered our firearms with the base Provost Marshals Office. To Transport we had to be unloaded and locked and not accessible from drivers compartment and ammo stored seperately.

At the Air Force base near my new home it is FORBIDDEN! VERBOTTEN! NO GUNS ALLOWED! I guess guns scare the Air Force guys something fierce, funny I thought they were winning the war on terrorism for me,..anyway. It is up to the base commander he gets to set the policy no matter how assinine it is.

It is worth your time to call ahead and talk to the PMO office.
Thanks for the replies.

I called the post was told to speak with the MP office. A specialist there told me don't bring it. I explained my stops there would only be a small part of a ten-day road trip and that I would be going other places also, and it hardly seemed right for me to have to leave it at home or find storage for it off-post (rent a hotel room to keep it in ...:confused:). I asked if there was someone there who could OK it to be checked at the gate or something. He took my info said maybe the armorer could speak to the post commander about it - I'm not holding my breath...
If all else fails you should be able to check it in and leave

it at the sheriffs office in that county. I'm not sure...but I was once at a festival in my home town in Edgefield county talking to a sheriffs deputy and a guy and his family drove up from out of state and the guy wanted to spend the day walking around the festival but did not want to leave his gun in his car. The deputy said he could check it in at the sheriffs station for the day.

I think the base should be able to check it for the day though.... or if all else fails... install a hidden lock box in the van and just leave it at that. (flame me guys if you must)

Oh you need to talk to more than a 'specialist' I think in the army that means a private with a job.
Has anybody gotten more detail on the rules for bases? Anybody else contracted an air base? I will be on a peice of property off base but that is owned and managed by the air base. They used to have signs up but now the signs are gone. I do not need the firearm on the base, but I'll be leaving Myrtle Beach during Memorial Day Bike Week and sharing gas stations etc, on the trip with roudy bikers. (trust me, the national guard is here to keep them calm) So I don't want to travel with my family withought it, but not sure what to do with the firearm once I get there. I know if I ask they'll say hell know since the area we are going is a family area.
I think ultimately you have to make your own ethical and moral choices...

sometimes these do not follow the law of the land......

they don't ask ..... you don't tell.
sometimes these do not follow the law of the land......

they don't ask ..... you don't tell.

"Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add 'within the limits of the law,' because law is often but the tyrant's will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual."
-- Thomas Jefferson
I guess guns scare the Air Force guys something fierce...

We worked with Air Force Security types back when I was a young trooper. We used to joke that when the Air Force was instructed to "Secure that building", they took out a lease with an option to buy!
You absolutely cannot carry on any military base. It takes paperwork and a whole lotta stuff for people that are in the military and LIVE on bases to be able to own and transport secured weapons, they damn sure aren't going to let you.

Google yourself dealers and gunsmiths and whatnot down there. They will probably store it for 5 or 10 bucks a day if the sheriff wont. The PDs probably wont hold them over night for you.

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