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Marvel Entertainment announced Thursday that its slain hero Captain America will rise again with a new outfit and a new secret identity, after the character was killed off in March by a sniper's bullet in a storyline on the War on Terror.

The company unveiled the patriotic superhero's new look Thursday with artwork by Alex Ross and Steve Epting for the new issue, No. 34, to hit comic book shops in January 2008.

Captain America will return with his trademark shield, but he also will have some new firepower. The artists are bringing the hero back with a gun.

"I always try and look back in the character's history to something that maybe was a forgotten costume element from a bygone age, maybe one of the earlier costume elements, to see if you could bring that part back," Ross told "Well, funny enough, there's this awful movie serial made in the '40s with Cap where he had no shield, no wings on his mask, no white sleeves, little tiny gloves, and he carried a gun."

While the famed hero is returning to fight the good fight, Marvel made clear that the original character, Steve Rogers, remains dead. A yet-to-be-revealed character will don this new Captain America suit.

In March, Dan Buckley, the president and publisher of Marvel Entertainment's publishing group, told that Captain America's return was a possibility.

"Everything is possible in the world of make-believe."


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Captain America is a character that goes back to WWII, when there were different values and guns were tools of Freedom, not viewed as menaces unto themselves. Note the flap holster, current in the Military and popular at that time. See the history of the character at Wickipedia...

I wonder what they made that shield out of, since it was pre-Kevlar days?

I wonder who'll be the first of us to adopt him as their avatar?!?
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