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Cap-Wiz alerts me and millions who have the capacity to think beyond the next 24 hours of their complacent lives, connecting with some heavy hitting links and issues long before they ever surface in the press or as headlines on the net, or as laws already passed. Too late then :-(
This is an open e-mail portal to allow your words to be delivered to whomever governs your life from the president to each of your state politicians. Yes I do know that e-mailing and writing elected officials is no new concept, but how many times do you open your inbox and find that say in 2 months a critical issue to you is about to be floored and now is the time to make your feelings heard? Pick a subject try running it through a word/spell/grammar checker 1st to give it proper syntax. Do not threaten or use profanity, both are sure fire ways it will either go nowhere or you might take a trip U were not planning on. If you quote or reference anything make sure it is verifiable, factual, historically correct and has direct relevance to the point you are trying to make, not something posted to a blog web-site, a repo of someone else's work (plagiarism), or an unreliable source foreign or domestic origin. Here is the open window to make your voice heard to the right people. Effective writing basics, bullet your comments a-z or 1-? If it goes into over 500 words it will probably be file 13-ed. The best word count is 300 or a 1-pager when it comes out of a printer. BLUF: Bottom-line-up-front.
What is most important to you, or this nation should be your first line.
Bitching shows U R upset, adding a legal viable fix now makes it worth a read. Avail yourself of checking this box: 'Sign me up for the Action E-List/Alerts'. And if U check this box, the next time you revisit gaining entry (accept the cookie) will be a whole lot faster. This is the URL:
Yes you will have to enter your personal data, if that is not your deal then don't even try. Once you have entered the Cap-Wiz system expect both e-mails and snail-mail pre-formatted letters to be ready to be sent by Cap-Wiz to your elected representatives. Just enter your zip code and it
defaults to your states Congressman/woman and Senator. You don't have to pick them, it lists anyone who just happens to be pushing what you support. Tell it which areas you would like alerts on, a selection page starts with agriculture and ends with zoology, pick wisely as those are the e-mail alerts that will get delivered right into your inbox plain text or HTML on a regular basis. They will tell you about pending legislation, House Resolutions and proposed changed to the laws that run this nation. You do not have to follow the pe-formatted generic sign + send formats, you can wipe it clean and fill the space up to max characters with your own words, but the more you write the more a bar will move from green, thru yellow and into red. If you hit the red it statistically tells you that your comments were too verbose and the chances of anyone even reading the reams you wrote decrease the further you slide into the red. This is a golden opportunity to cut out days of surfing the net to find the laws & politicians who are pushing or trying to kill them, plus the stealth commandos who are getting ready to sneak in the back door and be the 1st order of business for the day. It sure beats hours of boring C-Span coverage and cuts right to the topic that has you super-charged. I know I get WAY verbose on USA Carry and yet when it comes to my replies to Cap-Wiz alerts and my responses I make sure my length never moves out of the green. Will your opinions ever be used against you? I do not know, but I tread a careful path when I hit a button and Cap-Wiz sends an e-mail or a snail mail for me that may cross say the Department of Veterans Affairs alerts activists I receive the warning from and reply to who are ready to fight for my rights. I also get the latest trends on 2nd amendment rights and figure out who leads and who misleads. It's fine to voice your opinions on any forum or special interest web-sites with HTML text and emoticons. Cap-Wiz has none of those, but does help with spell checking. Cap-Wiz allows you to see every vote your elected officials ever made in office and links to their official biographical pages, not the gossip mega-sites. Invaluable information in predicting patterns of behavior and political or special interest affiliations or memberships in everything from the military to policy making departments within the structure of the government that advise national and global you name it decision making policy. If you use your contact system wisely then pretty soon you won't be getting generic replies from state or federal staffers, but something like I get from Senator Patty Murray a pit-bull when it comes to disabled Veterans advocacy and when she calls me by my name, enquires how the V.A. hospital in Spokane is working and how is my Hep-C coming along, I know she read what I sent her and she knows me a lot better than any staffer in Olympia, gave me her personal phone number and private e-mail, something I earned her trust over years of corresponding with her staffers at first, then before I knew it my points were finding their way into portions of her addresses to the Senate using words and metaphors I had somehow managed to impress her with to the point that my words were being spoken though her to our entire Senate, and making sense when I carefully drafted my replies to her personal e-mails to me, not the blanket 'Dear Washington State Resident' generic replies I got the first year of cultivating a relationship with the woman who makes the Department of Veterans Affairs laws either pass or fail. No brags just the truth. Her goals became mine and I provided solutions which so help me God she uttered verbatim to a very receptive and powerful audience of her peers from every state in the union on many occasions. And if your elected rep is anti-everything you believe in then draft a reply to some other Senator or Congressman/woman who is preaching just what you want our government to be doing, that is also an option of Cap-Wiz. I know how charged the patrons of USA Carry are about their gun ownership and CCW rights, then post all you want here but last time I checked Luke out, he is doing a fine job running USA Carry, but he isn't flying into DC to address a full Senate as an elected official to fight for those rights, yet! I am opening the door to your elected officials you can reach so very easily and just maybe provide them with a good idea that will be heard by Congress or the Senate next time some anti-2nd elected official tries to blind-side the very people who make our laws and you had a chance to make your opinions maybe those of the politician who will help protect your 2nd before the damage is done. I DO consider this the most important post I have ever made to USA Carry since I joined them in Feb 2008. This post went into the red, meaning if I sent it to a politician it would probably be a waste of my time, but I have covered every major aspect of this vital tool to connect with those you voted for and now want their help not their hindering. As with closure on each correspondence with whomever you just contacted it provides you a list of blank spaces so you can enter the e-mail addresses of like minded friends, family or coworkers and let them have their Cap-Wiz say too. In closing over 20% of materials submitted to the politicians contacted using Cap-Wiz do take a look at what you have sent their way when you are all finished and hit send, plus about a minute later your exact words will be e-mailed right back into your Inbox for your records, just try to keep is shorter than this and stay in the green area if you want your words read by a politician it is supposed to go to, but because you made it a 30-minute read maybe even a staffer won't do anything but send you or me a generic short thanks for your time e-mail. I only wish I could post some of the personal replies I have received to date to add to this post, but my private e-mails between Senator Patty Murray, D-Wash, or Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rogers, R-WA are not for public disclosure. I am sure if you used Cap-Wiz you too would find up-front politicians who share your concerns over other issues than guns. Maybe even get to know you pretty well if you stay in regular contact about issues that make them riled-up as much as they upset you. Those OT topics do not drive USA Carry and await your own research to support or vote against. Good God wake up and shake up those you voted for, or will vote into office just because one of their interests coincides with one of yours, but does that make them a future Reagan or yes-man for whomever has the hot seat next. 2-terms of sycophants with the specter of Obamanazism lay only a few moths away. Get to know who will run your show very easily with Cap-Wiz before it's too late to change that vote you made, or rest easy that you chose well and are fully informed in minutes not months of study and don't get hood-winked!
To date, Capwiz has generated and delivered more than 35 million constituent messages to Congress?
I think that says enough for now.


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Maybe even get to know you pretty well if you stay in regular contact about issues that make them riled-up as much as they upset you.
+1 for that. If they know you're big on an issue they think is important (particularly if it doesn't get attention generally), and you're a "team player", you might get put on an activist group or PAC. That's when things get interesting.

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