Canton PD officer Harless.. tip of the iceberg


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'Cops Gone Wild' poster child Harless of the Canton PD is agaiin in the news, having now been documented to have numerous internal affairs investigations (article states he's been cleared of at least 16 investigations), yet he's still threatening citizens with murder. More taped incidents of this lunatic on his roid rage rampages ...

Third Threatening Video of Canton Officer Daniel Harless Emerges | Video |

PS.. I'm a military vet, and I usually support the cops in a very tough job, but DAMN!


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This officer sounds like a psychopathic idiot who, rather than arresting people, should be arrested. Anyone claiming he should be retained on the police force should, themselves, be fired. It is completely beyond understanding how he has been able to keep his job. Is there no real law or police force up there? What will they say when he does actually kill someone? I'll bet he tries to come up with a good excuse but it would be very hollow when compared to the tapes of his behavior.

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May be they are all the same up there in that station that is why they support one another and perhaps even cover for each other's know...*$$holey crap! Did I say that???


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According to the guiding principles of the Canton Police department as posted on their website this guy has violated all of them.

1. To be a progressive, proactive organization, dedicated to safety and
serving the needs of the community.
2. To be responsive and accountable to the citizens of Canton through the
chain of command and the city's administration.
3. To promote the professional and personal growth of each employee
through strong, fair, flexible leadership.
4. To create an environment in which employees can attain the highest
degree of creativity, productivity and sense of morale.
5. To maintain a spirit of cooperation within the department and between
Labor Unions and other representative organizations.
6. To be fair, honest and display common sense in all actions.

He needs to be fired along with the chief. Maybe that will set the tone that this kind of behavior should never be tolerated. They are lucky this jackass hasn't killed anyone.

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