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the law here states that we have 72 hour wait for a handgun & 24 hours for a long gun.i am looking at a Mossberg cruiser shotgun with pistol grip & the breechers barrel for home defense.the dealer says that i have to wait 72 hours since it is considered a the ? is , if & when i get my utah & florida ccw.does that mean i could carry it on me in the states i am permitted to ( yes a long leather trenchcoat would have to be worn) even though the perception would be i am a thug or bank robber.not that i ever would ,kinda crazy don't u think.that's why i own a ruger lcp.
dont be too harsh on me with all the answers, it's just a question.

I am certain you would be looked as one of the bad guy. Especially by the LEO'S. Now, if that is you in that profile picture I would think the shot guns you are packing from the shoulders down backed up with your LCP should be enough.

It would be a state by state issue about the shot gun being considered a hand gun. I personally would think a shot gun as a carry gun would be a little cumbersome. Besides you will be held accountable for every pellet that comes out of it. And if you had to use it on the street, when the DA shows the pictures of what is left of the guy you used it on probably isn't going to go to well with the jury especially the girls.

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