Canda allowed to disarm Americans?


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Good luck disarming me, eh. Sneaky Canadians, I've dated their women and they are NOT to be trusted. ;)


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Yeah, I wouldn't do very well if a frickin CANADIAN is knocking on my door wanting to take my guns away.

So we are starting to join forces with Canada, soon it's gonna be a one world government.


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This is pretty creepy. a civil emergency, anyone in North America is far more likely to meet a US soldier than a Canadian one. Look at it statistically - Canada's entire operational military force numbers 62,000, with a 25,000 reserve. We have 1.4 million operational, and 1.4 million reserve. Obviously those aren't all combat troops for either side, but it gives an idea of proportions.

In any sort of Katrina or similar disaster, you could probably go the entire time without seeing a soldier from Canada, Mexico, or anywhere else they decide to throw into the mix, because there's just not that many of them. Also, from a practical standpoint (assuming they do any planning - which didn't happen last time) the other side's forces would probably provide more logistical/support services and try to stay out of the spotlight, to prevent being seen as a foreign occupier.


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:poep2::akuma: :poep2:Uhhhhhhhhhh, I really see myself giving up my piece of mind to "foreign occupiers". I am military and will obey the orders of the President of the United States and those appointed over me...., BUT I WILL NOT RELY ON OTHER COUNTRIES MILTARIES TO PROTECT MY FAMILY! not happening. I have seen some of these countries so called militaries in action. There is a reason why U.S. Military forces are always under the command of the USA.


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There also have been troops and police from other countries training in the U.S. for this very thing. Get the video EndGames by Alex Jones. It is worse than you think. But remember it is not a conspiracy, even though all these things are done in secret behind the back of most Americans. Yeah Right.


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As a side note one of the reasons they are training troops and police to be used in the U.S is that they know they may have a problem getting American police and troops to shoot Americans that refuse to give up their guns.


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Kind of one sided eighty + million gun owners.... over 200 million guns... more ammo than what was used in both WWI and WWII combined... add to that the police would not take kindly to them being here either... it would be about as bad as if the UN called in troupes, that and federal law prohibits the use of federal troupes against US citizenry.


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Well, the day may come when we'll all be put to the test. As we see from Waco, in the end dying for what you believe in, even though protected by the Constitution, makes very tiny waves.


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Good luk with that one. sounds like another step toward a one world goverment.

that's what these idiots have in mind.. already got the european union, got people going for the north american union... yep it's not far off. totally bad idea!


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I'm on board with helping each other out in the case of a dire emergency. The Canadians sent several of their naval vessels to New Orleans after Katrina and I know we'd help them in a similar situation. After all, we have jointly defended North American airspace for decades with NORAD. As far as the Mexican Army is concerned, keep them south of the Rio Grande. We have a hard enough time keeping their Army out of our Country as it is!

But putting foreign troops (both ours and theirs) in any situation beyond support and logistics is simply wrong. Our troops have no business enforcing Canadian law and vice versa. Add to that the issue of trying to disarm folks and you're simply going to end up with a lot of bodies on your hands.

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