Canadian teen can teach Americans a thing or two


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Check out this Canadian girl's pro gun videos

YouTube - kateysfirearmsfacts's Channel

OK, that's the meat of the topic. Now, I'm gonna tell you why you should do this.

Why should you pay attention to this girl? She's a Canadian, what could she know about firearms rights? Canada banned those, didn't it?

Well, not quite all of them, not quite yet. This young girl (I think she's, like, 15), the daughter of a lawyer (I think they call them 'barrister' up there) has taken it upon herself to try and inform Canadians about the lies that their government is telling about the dangers of gun ownership. Aside from the few references that are Canada-specific, these videos could have been made by your daughter, or your friend's daughter, down the street.

This girl obviously has a definite opinion on why people should own (and carry) firearms, and she puts her case across in a series of short, (some, sound-byte short, 15 or 30 seconds) videos, mainly targeted at women, billed as public service announcements, touting her father's law firm.....BTW, she said her father was very much against her making these videos, but he is obviously a good enough parent to support her efforts, regardless.

This girl is a pro-gun phenomenon that needs to be shouted from the highest buildings. Tell your friends, tell your co-workers, tell your politicians, tell everyone that even a teen 'gets it',when it comes to gun control.

As for you? Check out her videos, leave a suppporting comment for her, let her know that there are plenty of people who think like her, and support the human right to keep and bear arms, no matter what country you live in.

Thanks for listening!


No way could she have been born and raised in Canada!

Seriously, though, it is unfortunate that people like here are the exception rather than the rule in Canada. Maybe if more people there thought like her, I'd consider visiting our snowy neighbor to the north.
Even if the father disagrees, I hope he is proud to have raised an independant thinking, intelligent young lady. I hope that she has the strength to keep on sharing her message even though her country may be aligned against her.

Thanks for sharing that with us.

She'd be better than a certain Canadian I know of in my state, LOL. 2 thumbs up for her.:dance3:
Nice to see such common sense from someone her age even if it is from our neighbor to the north. Now if we just had more politicians that thought like that.:yes4:
Kick ass!
I was considering doing something like this;doing adds cleverly disguises as public service anouncements.Maybe I could get a break on the airtime.
Anyway,this is a smart young woman.I wish her all the best.

Ok,I been watching more of her vids.This girl is really bright.I am quite impressed.You know,my sun is about her age.I wouldn't mind having another smart one in the family...


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