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Whats the deal with going into the desert and doing target practice? Any do's or donts? Any cool spots south of Henderson?

Thanks in Advance!!!

Well, to shoot on BLM land, the following applies:

When shooting pistols or rifles, you must be 5,000 feet from any dwelling occupied by another person or persons.
When shooting shotguns, BB Guns, or Air Rifles, you must be 1,000 feet from any dwelling occupied by another person or persons.

A friend of mine mentioned that he shot just north of the Indian Reservation off Highway 95. I don't know the area, so that's pretty much all I know.
There are a few good places up north 95. If you take the Mt Charelston turn off about 7+ miles? I forget now, there is a dirt road to the south, take it around a few bends and you will see a dirt backstop set up and many spent targets. My ccw class went there to qualify. The teacher told us this was a perfectly legal place to shoot. There are a couple places up here.
The second place to go is between the Mt Charelston and Lee Canyon turn off. There will be a Corn Creek turn off to the east, but take the highway divider and go west. Follow the powerline road and you will come to the base of a mountain where plenty of people go. This is a BLM property, and plenty far off the highway.
I realize that desert land is mostly uninhabited, but is it legal to shoot there if it's not an outdoor range?
Can someone educate me?

tatted, I used to live in Casa Grande, AZ, and I could drive ten minutes in any direction, and as long as I did not shoot within a quarter mile of a residence or across a road, then it is fine. That is the big advantage of a desert. If someone does report you, all that happens is that you may be asked to move somewhere else.
I realize that desert land is mostly uninhabited, but is it legal to shoot there if it's not an outdoor range?

That's it... The whole outdoors is your range. Around every bend in the road is a new hill and back stop. Nice place to visit, but I'd miss the green and lakes like we have here.
I live in central Nevada and we've always observed the 1 mile rule (which is probably the 5000' rule). I didn't know about the 1000' rule, but it makes sense.
I live in a valley with North/South running mountain ranges on both sides. I use the mountains as a backstop. I'm just careful to pick a location with no mountain access roads behind it. Our local shooting range is set up the same way.
Long week end drive

Seriously, Tattedupboy, plan a long week end, fly into Phoenix, rent a car and drive to Vegas. Then Fly Home from Vegas. And I'll bet ya you'll see some peoples out plinkin' . You'll drive through some really cool country and ecosystems.
I have family out in the High Desert in Kallifornia. We just drove a few miles from the house, set up our targets on a old saw horse and practices. Gotta watch for the snakes though... As long as you can shoot them first....
A little late in this thread.

It's illegal to shoot in any of the southern metropolitan areas of Clark County. Boulder City has No Shooting signs posted all over US 93/95. It is strictly enforced. If BCPD catches you shooting within their jurisdiction expect a several hundred dollar cite and possibly your firearms being confiscated and destroyed. Link Removed.

Basically you need to either be in BLM land or be far away from the greater Las Vegas area. It's a misdemeanor to be shooting within Mesquite city limits. Expect the same sort of treatment in Mesquite as Boulder City.

Part of the reason the Clark County has tightened up on shooting is to force you to use a licensed range; one of those ranges being the Clark County Shooting Park which still has not opened.
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For those of you who do go out shooting in the desert, what do you use as a backstop?

Believe it or not, the desert isn't flat. It's full of mountains and valleys, gullies and washes, hills and breaks, natural berms, and lots of pretty rocks for ricochet fun. Oh yeah, snakes and scorpions are the icing on the cake.

If you have the time and transportation, try coming out to Pahrump. We have a few places outside of town that people use for practice all the time. The one on the north end is free, but I sometimes feel squirmy there! The one on the south end near the county line is $30 a year with man made berms and with cowboy and pistol lanes and a rifle lane. Send me an email and I'll be happy to send you the details.

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