Can I target shoot on my property in Dutchess Co?


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Hello All,

I'm a new poster, soon to be member and I wanted to ask question: I checked to see if this was addressed and didn't see it, so to all of you that spend your time maintaining this cool site, I hope this post was ok to post it.

Does anyone know what the rules would be for someone to target shoot on their own property? I live in New York State and the Dutchess County area. Specifically I'm in the Town of Wappinger near the DCC Airport. I didn't know if it was a town, state or county law. But I've seen other Dutchess people post, so I thought maybe they'd know. I will call the proper people, but I'm trying this route first. :pleasantry:

I own two homes (till the bank takes them)next to each other and have no front or rear neighbors, only one on either side of the homes I own and they're within <50 feet of the homes I own, but the property is backloaded with all the homes close to the road. And I have wetlands behind me.

One last thing, close to my home is a pistol range and I can hear them, so it's not strickly forbidden.

Thanks for any help/guidance.....Rob.

I would probably call the local precinct and ask the desk sergeant or such, since they would probably be responding in the event someone called it in. Also consult with possibly the NRA website, I know they have a legal / law section where you can send in questions and find local legal counsel. Hope that helped! (worse case scenario at least you can hear the range)
Thank You. I've not gotten much of a response other than, why do you want to do that. So I figured there must be some people here from DUTCHESS COUNTY. Love to hear from them, too.

PS- hearing the range isn't all that fun, lol. But I never complain.
NY State Law

NY State Law

ECL §11-0931(4)(a) provides that no person shall "discharge a firearm or long bow within five hundred feet from a dwelling house, farm building or farm structure actually occupied or used, school building, school playground, or occupied factory or church" (b) except "The owner or lessee of the dwelling house, or members of his immediate family actually residing therein, or a person in his employ, or the guest of the owner or lessee of the dwelling house acting with the consent of said owner or lessee."
I am responding because you have had so little response. I am in Columbia County, just up the road. Here it is no problem as long as I respect the laws listed above. In my area, setting up a "range" is not allowed. But setting up a target and doing some shooting is not a problem. If I get noise complaints, however, there may be an issue. My plan is to move the shooting area into the woods, so that it will be more private. Good luck! Whatever you learn, I would be glad to know too.

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