Can I leave my guns in CO?


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With the new Universal Background Check law, can I leave my guns in CO while I summer-trip to Alaska?

The issue I am having is that my "immediate family" (one of the few exceptions to getting a BG check) is a 17 year old boy living with his mother (we were never married) who happens to be a Domestic Violence convict. I have no other family in CO so, I can not leave my guns with "immediate family".

The question then becomes, if I place them into storage, does that require a BG check? They are no longer in my possession, and on someone else's property, so should they have to go through a BG check? I know the chances are slim, but if that sotrage space is burglarized an my guns are stolen, will reporting them as stolen from the storage place bring up issues in which no BG check was done with the storage location owner?

How about leaving them with a FFA? I assume BG checks need to be done upon leaving them with him and picking up months later? Plus the cost of storage...

Any insights?

Lock them in a safe that only you have the combination to. Therefore no constructive possession with whomever the safe is left with can occur. Constructive possession generally requires both knowing where the item(s) are located AND having access to that location. When you return, move the safe to your home and then open it - no background check required for that.
I did get to talk with the Sheriff today who could not answer my original question about a commercial storage place. I was refereed to the CBI who did actually answer the phone and I was promptly advised that as long as I pay for the commercial storage under my name from a commercial storage place, (not my friends garage), then the "guns never leave my possession" by law. So, no BG checks are needed.

But, after consideration, I have just chosen to bring the long guns with me through Canada and into Alaska. I did talk with the mounties and they did say that my full-sized auto will be allowed (once I pay for the permit) but only for a 7-day period to get "through" Canada. I planned to stay in Canada longer than 7 days, so instead I will have it stored in Montana for my return a few months later.

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