Can I Carry at WDW?


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I was in Disney last week, we had a GREAT time. Expensive and worth every penny!!!

On Friday, 11 Sep 2009, we were in several of the parks. There was a uniformed LEO and his cute doggie (according to my wife) and a couple of extra security guards at the gate. No armed security anywhere. Of course, there were a lot of really friendly, happy, polite cleaning crews and maintenance crews with fanny packs and tool kits around :) (I've never seen a tool box at Disney before). I was happy to see them. Someone has done a really good job there.


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When it comes right down to it! Do you really need to carry at WDW??

Do you think that pervs don't go to WDW?
There is a lot of children there.
There are a lot of tourist that go there who's to say that some of them won't go there and start shooting people?


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The real question is not do you really need to carry at WDW but COULD YOU USE YOUR GUN AT WDW??

We are all trained (or supposed to be) in safe weapons handling and that includes always knowing the backstop of your line of fire. In the "real" world that usually means you can look up and see that a wall is a wall, if it is stone it is likely stone, if it is concrete it is likely concrete. But at places like WDW NOTHING is "REAL".

So one of those unruly tourists decides to start randomly firing and you being the highly skilled CCW unholsters and looks to stop the threat. You have a clean line of fire with a stone wall behind, you take the shot, you miss oh so slightly and your bullet hits the stone wall. But the wall is not actually stone at all but 4 inch thick styrofoam and the bullet passes through like butter hitting the pregnant lady in the shop next door in the belly killing her and the fetus.

The gunman, who has hit no one runs. You are a hero, you stopped the threat. Right?

The reason NOT to carry at WDW or places like it is that you do not have the working knowledge of the structure to EVER be able to use your weapon, and if you don't have and cannot instantly ascertain that knowledge then you should NEVER consider using that weapon.

I have had the honor of being very close with the Disney operations over the years and Disney security is not a mickey mouse operation. They are highly trained and know every inch of the structure, and YES they have weapons and NO you are not going to see them. Orange County Sheriff works closely with the mouseolice to make sure they also know what is real and what is not.

As for the child shopping pervs, Disney spends most of its time and a lot of money dealing with what they realize is their most important asset, the children of their guests. When there is suspected problem, which occurs at least daily, there is a highly sophisticated response mechanism in place that you as the guest will rarely notice. I can tell you it involves two things ... very freindly cast members and shoes.

Go less than lethal, carry pepper spray or a stun gun (you still have to smuggle it past security). At least if the SHTF you could use it. Way too many CCW think that a gun is their only line of defense. If you think that way, then you really have not learned the basics. The gun is the last in your line of defense, and why buck the system in a place you can't use it.

You most likely don't carry your weapon scuba diving because you can't really use a gun underwater. The pool of make believe at WDW is not a lot different.

I know I for one want to feel that when I am behind that wall of magic illusion that you are not on the other side, uninformed and untrained, with a gun... permit or not!


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2beararms you make some very good points. However I have a different view of carry in places like WDW. It may sound cold but in a situation as you have described I wold not draw my weapon to defend others and risk the consequences but would take cover with my family and only pull my weapon as a last resort to defend us. If it came to that I would rather be armed than be an under prepared sheep for the slaughter.


disney is not a good place to carry ,,i worked their for over 10 years, Security has no weapons, ( could you imagine the law suits from that mistake,) Trust me when i say WDW is a bad place to try to do criminal activities,, their are more plain clothes LEO's than you can imagine along with security and cameras. leave the weapon elsewhere and go enjoy the parks, keep and eye on your own surroundings and let WDW take care of the rest , Also not only will you and your party be removed from the park, you will NOT be refunded your money for addmission. and it will be time for your vacation to end because they most likely will not allow back in any of the parks anytime soon.

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