Can I buy a gun in a state if I am a Non-Resident?


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I moved from FL to NJ recently. I want to buy a gun now and I dont feel like waiting 5+ months for my Firearms ID card or Pistol Permit. With my FL licence that I still have and my FL CCW permit, which Pennsylvania honors, can I buy a gun in Pennsylvania?

Probably. There are some restrictions. I have bought rifles and shotguns outside my state of residence, but handguns must be sent to an FFL in your state. There are some states with other restrictions. For instance, CA residents can't buy a rifle/shotgun here in NV or AZ (or anywhere else as far as I know). If you want to buy a rifle/shotgun from a private party it must go through an FFL; example: I bought a rifle from an individual in AZ and we did the transfer in person through a dealer in his town and I took possession there, just as if I'd bought it from the dealer.

Hope this helps.
Technically IMO

If you moved, you are no longer a resident of Florida. Since you still have your FL drivers license, I must assume you haven't gotten your NJ license yet. I'm sure you can buy a gun in PA but you will will have to do a transfer through FFL dealers. An FFL dealer will not do this unless it is legal for you to possess the gun. If I were you, I would brush up on NJ gun laws. Like NY, NJ is not very forgiving.
Good luck
Depends on the gun you want to buy. Legally you can buy a rifle or shot gun but not a hand gun unless your a resident of the state. One exception to that is military personnel stationed within the state.
You could only purchase a handgun in PA if you were a resident of PA. Otherwise you have to have it shipped to a FFL in your home state. So even if you were still a resident of Florida, you still can't walk into a gun store in PA and purchase a handgun and walk out with it.

If your home state is now New Jersey, wait until you have the FID card and handgun purchase permit before having anything shipped to an FFL. It takes several months to process either one.

If I may suggest, you can check out two pro-gun organizations here in NJ, both of which I am a member: Association of NJ Rifle and Pistol Clubs (NRA state affiliate) and NJ Coalition for Self Defense . The second link has a forum page for members where you can address specific issues.
Short answer is no...

I moved from FL to NJ recently. I want to buy a gun now and I dont feel like waiting 5+ months for my Firearms ID card or Pistol Permit. With my FL licence that I still have and my FL CCW permit, which Pennsylvania honors, can I buy a gun in Pennsylvania?
For handguns; the only exception is if you're active duty military stationed in the State you wish to buy the handgun in or can prove to an FFL that you maintain a vacation home in the State you wish to buy the firearm in and are in the State part of the time on a continuous regular basis.

For long guns you can buy them in any State from any FFL providing there's no State law in the State you are buying the firearm in and your (declared) State of residency for you to take them back home.

Since you're in NJ now, you are now at the mercy of NJ on when you can ever buy firearms.

Hope the move was worth it.
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From the Link Removed.

(B2) From whom may an unlicensed person acquire a firearm under the GCA?
A person may only acquire a firearm within the person’s own State, except that he or she may purchase or otherwise acquire a rifle or shotgun, in person, at a licensee's premises in any State, provided the sale complies with State laws applicable in the State of sale and the State where the purchaser resides. A person may borrow or rent a firearm in any State for temporary use for lawful sporting purposes.
[18 U.S.C. 922(a)(3) and (5), 922(b)(3), 27 CFR 478.29 and 478.30]

(B3) May an unlicensed person obtain a firearm from an out-of-State source if the person arranges to obtain the firearm through a licensed dealer in the purchaser’s own State?
A person not licensed under the GCA and not prohibited from acquiring firearms may purchase a firearm from an out-of-State source and obtain the firearm if an arrangement is made with a licensed dealer in the purchaser's State of residence for the purchaser to obtain the firearm from the dealer.
[18 U.S.C. 922(a)(3) and 922(b)(3)]
Not in Texas!
But there may be a way around it.
You can pay for the gun and have it sent to an FFL dealer close to your home, for a small fee, usually between 20 and 50 bucks. Check with your local FFL holder for fees and restrictions, etc...
Short answer yes...
longer answer it must be shipped from a FFL in the state of purchase to a FFL in you state of legal residence, and the final transfer has to take place there, you just get to pay for it in your non resident state, and your resident state FFL must request it and do the 4473 once you get home, both FFL parties must be in agreement to do the transfer, also a dealer to dealer transfer fee will apply. You only get actual possession once the home state transfer is complete.

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