Can A Sitting President Federally Ban CCWs?


I've not done any research, but it seems to me that it would be very difficult, not to mention time-consuming, (not that time would even be an issue! but I thought I'd throw that in anyway) for a sitting US President to attempt a federal ban on CCWs. Would he/she have to introduce a bill? Maybe get someone in his/her party, or in Congress, to introduce a bill? Go on a rampage? Have a conniption fit? :lol:

I've not taken a "civics" or "poly sci" class in sooooooooo long! I surely do need a lesson or two!

So... seriously, what method might be at his/her disposal? How easy do you think that it might be in lieu of the recent Supreme Court's decision in the case of District of Columbia v Heller? Maybe it will turn out to be an individual state thing only or again?

Could it be accomplished at all?

Might our rights be chipped at slowly so that we don't notice them being gone? We must be ever vigil!

I'm just looking for conversation.

What say you all?


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I am not sure at a federal level they could ban CCW's, as they are a State regulated and issued. At the state level, they could, if there was enough legislative and public support, but I don't see that happening any time soon in Nevada (unless we get overrun by California liberals :butcher:). I know, at least in Nevada, that gun ownership is guaranteed by the State Constitution. I suppose if you had a paradigm shift in the population, and enough people in the state opposed it, it could happen. God help us if it ever does.
With the help of a sympathetic Congress and Senate they could possibly pass laws at least to the point of making reciprocity illegal. Possibly using "interstate trafficking" as the basis and then expanding from there. They could also enact such restrictive laws as to ban any semi automatic weapon. This would be the end of 1911, AR, AK and anything that wasn't bolt action, a revolver, or pump action. How would you like to be able to own only black powder type weapons for your personal defense?


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It would be very difficult; especially in light of the Heller v. DC verdict. All current legislation that is being put through Congress has a 10 year sunset provision because that was the only way it passed the last time. It would be difficult for Congress to pass any sort of any reciprocity or recognition bill because it would affect all licenses or permits at the State level (doctors, nurses, attorneys, private investigators, bail enforcement agents, process servers, teachers, private security, etc.). It would also affect the interstate recognition of State issued drivers licenses. It would take a specially crafted assault on the 2A to make it happen.

Practically all States that are shall issue have a RKBA clause in their respective State Constitution.

Is it a possible, clear and present danger to CCW and firearm ownership in general? Absolutely.

We know that with two branches of the Federal Government under the control of an anti-RKBA party, it is quite possible.

What I see that will most likely happen will be a stronger assault weapon ban with perhaps no sunset clause this time around.

The President does have some power to ban the importation of certain firearms by executive order which is what happened in 1989 after the Purdy incident.


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He can under the right circumstances

1. Find a huge crisis
2. Wait for civil unrest
3. Declare A state of emergency inacting the war powers act calling up the guard and reserve
4. Declare martial law until this whole mess is over
5. perpetuate the mess with acts of subversion


wheres theres a will theres a way.......this sob has the will to do it and a super majority would give him the way!:nono:


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A hundred years ago it would have been next to impossible. Today with more socialists/Marxists running or should I say ruining or country than true patriots anything is possable. Especially with so much of the masses sheeple waiting with their hands out to big brother.


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1. Find a huge crisis
2. Wait for civil unrest
3. Declare A state of emergency inacting the war powers act calling up the guard and reserve
4. Declare martial law until this whole mess is over
5. perpetuate the mess with acts of subversion

Even under these circumstances, I don't see it happening.


Stricter environmental regulations banning copper or lead in projectiles. (They're already doing this to shotgun loads, if they do it to bullets....)
New AWB.
Minimum barrel lengths on handguns. (Minimum 5" requirement pretty well limits CCW)

Lots of devious ways of infringing upon our rights.

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