Can a PR Resident who lives part-time in FL get a FL non-Resident CWL?


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Hi -
Have doubts and a question concerning FL non-resident Concealed Weapon license (CWL).
What I have read indicates a non-resident of FL is eligible as long as one is a US Citizen, and also is a "US Resident".
I spend about half of my time in FL, and half on my time in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where I am currently a legal resident. I am a US Citizen.
My question is: Anyone know if under the FL law a San Juan, PR resident is considered a "US Resident" and therefore can be eligible for the CWL permit, with all other things being met?
Or, are PR residents not considered US Residents by FL law, although PR is part of the US.
I own a car, a motorhome, and a motorcycle in FL. We are planning to go on a cross-country trip on the motorhome this year and would feel more secure traveling with a firearm on board, and would like the benefits the FL-CWL provides, especially as it allows one to be legal in 29 or 30 states.
I have called the licesing office for days on end and cannot get through - answering machine puts you on an hour long wait and never gets you to a real person that can answer me.
Called some of the Concealed Weapons classes instructors in FL and some have said yes - you qualify, and others, say no. Do not want to go through the course and application process if not eligible.

Does anyone have any experience with something like this, or know where or who to call?

Last time I checked Puerto Rico was and is Part of the U.S.A.!!!!!
That's why you are a U.S. citizen.
So you should be able to get a NON-Resident CCW permit.
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SPF is absolutely correct. No doubt in my mind since I am PRican myself and enjoy of the benefits of the a:big_boss::big_boss:bove mentioned.
I wish PR guns laws were the same here on the mainland.

do you have PR CCWP? if so then apply for florida CCWP?

call lawman's gun shop in san juan, they are near the small mall on (west) rt2.. ask for Rennie, he will fill you in of what to do as he does the same as you have explained.
Link Removed here is their website. these guys are great. good luck
I have nothing to do with the place but visit there often when in PR, great resource for info.
I am in a similar boat.
I am a US citizen but not living in the USA at present (I do not know if PR counts as living "in the USA" under Florida law).
I carry a United States of America passport.
I will be purchasing a motor home or a small place in Florida three years from now when we sell our present monster home in the Toronto area and buy a condo here; leaving money to purchase an income property in Florida or here in Ontario.... I need to check the tax and healthcare situation.

Now, MY problem. Which will tie into your problem neatly.
Florida will NOT issue me a non-resident permit as (a) although I am a US citizen; (b) I DO NOT presently live in the USA. It has been heavily suggested that if (a) I were to purchase a property stateside, especially in Florida; (b) purchase a motor home and rent a spot to park it in Florida; (c) register to vote in Florida or elsewhere stateside, that I would then become eligible not only for a Florida non-resident permit, but I would be eligible for a Florida RESIDENT permit which would add about a half dozen states to my carry list (those states that recognize only RESIDENT permits from other states in reciprocity).

Funny thing is this: When the law regarding permits was being rewritten just a few short years ago, in order to obtain a Florida NON resident permit one only need be a US Citizen and NOT a US resident. I followed it with great anticipation through committees, the FL Senate and right up into Congress, where it was overwhelmingly passed. BUT, lo and behold, the version that was passed in the Senate said (a typo?) that one had to be not only a US citizen, but also a US resident.

So, in my case, FUBAR. In YOUR case, it depends on the Florida Dept. of Agriculture boss. If they consider PR part of the United States of America then you are homefree if you are a US citizen. Secondly, if you simply rent a spot at a Florida trailer park for that mobile home (presumably registered in FL) you are probably good to obtain a FL RESIDENT permit, a much better bet than a non-resident permit. Get what you can, of course. But the RESIDENT permit may just add those states to your carry states that will only recognize a RESIDENT permit from a reciprocity positive state.

I hope this is not totally confusing... please feel free to PM me to begin email correspondence regarding further information as the inexpensive trailer parks that will also give you a personal mailing address, etc.

Good luck.

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