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Hey Guys,

I don't know if any of you listen to Cam and Company on NRA News. Their show is pretty good. I am listening to their show from last night and they are talking about DUMB-key (Helmkey, from Brady bunch, sorry for spelling). He said that our laws are so weak that we should adopt Mexican gun laws because are laws are more or less inafective. He also makes aquistions that people load up trucks full of "assault weapons" and taking them to Mexico. Now I ask this guy really that dumb? Like please tell me this guy is joking. MEXICAN gun laws have 0 effect on their crime rate. WOW! What a real winner!

I stream his show at quite often while I'm working. It's really good. I emailed him and asked if they would be willing to put it out in the form of a Podcast and he said they were looking into it.

As for our politicians and the Mexico thing; they aren't dumb. They will just use anything they can to inch closer to their ultimate goal, total disarmament of the sheeple.

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