Calling all lefties need some advice


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I use my left index finger to hit the mag release to me its easier than trying to manipulate my thumb around to do it. I carry a ruger sr40c or a compact 1911 which I added an ambi safety to

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FNX is fully ambi. The S&W m&p has ambi slide lock and a mag release that can be switched to the other side. From my experience so far, not much of that matters. Personally I release the mag with my middle finger as opposed to switching the release and using my thumb. Some say it is better to get used to right handed guns because they are the most common. It opens up your selection and makes friends (or range/rental) guns more comfortable/natural if you shoot them. Just try lots of things and see what you like. To each his own. Good luck.


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I bought a Ruger SR9c, since it has an ambidextrous safety, and mag release. The slide lock is on the left side though. I love this gun. Get it in two-tone. Also have a Glock G26Gen 4.


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Thank you all for the great responses I have a ever growing list of guns I hope to be able to try at the range. I definately like the SR9 and the XD9 and from being in the navy I have experience with the M9 I like the PX4 from Beretta and I did also look at a M&P 9 at a local gun shop and I really like the feel of the grip. I have made a list of guns that I want to try and will hope to find them available at the local range so I can see how they shoot that is my deciding factor I want to shoot them all at least once to narrow down my list. I would hate to buy one and get to the range and hate it. Thanks again for the help.


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My XD-S has ambi mag release. I'm a lefty. I find using my index finger on the right-hand side much easier than using my thumb on my left-hand side. It allows lightning quick reloads for me.

I'm sure a lot of other lefties with medium-sized hands do this as well.

The left-hand mag release is too stiff for my short thumb to actuate 100% of the time, as well as feeling a bit awkward to operate.

So there you have it; a lefty using the right-handed mag release because it's better for me.

I also use my index finger to release the slide when I'm in a hurry and don't feel like a full grip rack release. My finger tip is rough and calloused now.

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You can also get the extended mag release for XDm. Works like a charm

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That would benefit the XD-S as well.

I can't seem to get over the slide cutout on the .45 XDm competition model, even though I love everything else about the pistol. Just a stupid aesthetic hangup, I guess. I'll get the 5" tactical model to get around that phobia. It or a 1911 clone of equal value, and live with the grip angle.

Need a solid range sidearm in a few months.


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You can teach yourself to use either hand. Shop for a gun like you shop for shoes. If it's not comfortable, (for either hand) look at something else. If it's not comfortable, you won't shoot it enough to become proficient with it..... ever.

There exists no "best gun"... it's all personal preference... as it should be. I've taught firearms for over 40 years, and nobody yet has offered to buy me what they think I should shoot, or train with.

I'm an hour north of Indy. If you'd like to take a day trip, I can put you on a private range shooting a dozen or so different handgun platforms.... no charge.

Shoot safely.


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I am a 30 yr retired military man, so I know what you mean about lefties. I started with a SA 1911, and M16A1. Now my personal carry weapon is an XD in 45. I also have a Thompson 1911 in 45, and it is set up for righties. The issue is training with your weapon regardless of how it is set up. Practice with it when you are just sitting(unloaded of course) until you are comfortable with it, then move on to carry drills. The handling theory and training works well for me, in the military and now. Hope this helps.


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My FNS (comes in 9 and 40) fully ambidextrous, (slide release, mag release, safety lever) except for the takedown lever. Then again if you need the takedown lever you wont be shooting.


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The PX4 series has dual controls on both sides, and the mag release can be switched (Link Removed). Any Glock Gen 4 can have the mag release switched. I am a lefty, and I know how important having the gun set up right.


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I am a lefty and I shoot a set of springfield xd 4" service 40 & 9mm. I also carry a Beretta Nano. love all three of them.


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I have a SR9 and it has the ambidextrous safety and mag release. I believe the SR9C does also. The only thing would be helpful is if the slide release were on both sides also.


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Some of the larger Bersa models are ambidextrous. More makers are making them that way. Look at the new Ruger, Walther and H&K semi-autos.


I carry a P239 and a P224. The 239 is da/sa and I have no problems using the decocker with my index finger. My 224 is a DAK, so no decocker to worry about. I have had a M&P and switched the mag release to the right side, this felt weird so I switched it back. I use my index finger to drop the mags on all of my guns.

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I agree. I shoot full size Sigs and have gotten use to using the decocker with my left index finger. You can flip the mag release if you want. I just ordered a P224 9MM DA/SA since I am so use to the controls of a Sig. For me the ergonomics of Sig Sauer just work. I have other brands of pistols and have shot the "G" brand a lot, obviously they are highly regarded and well built, but I cannot get excited about them.


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My XDM 40 3.8 compact is great. Slide release is a pain for me but just a small pain. It works well otherwise in my dominant left hand

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Sinistral handed shooter here.
As many have said, using the left fore- or middle-finger to release the magazine isn't an issue and many of us look at it as being safer than using a thumb as it practically ensures a finger being removed from the trigger.
Slide releases set for right handed people also work great being released by the forefinger. And of course, all the Glockaphiles will tell you to slingshot the slide anyway and not use the slideSTOP!(tm).
The only requirement I've ever hand is that if there's a thumb safety it be set up for ambidextrous use. In that regards there isn't much better than the FNX series. If I had looked at them before getting my M&P it's very likely I'd have one of them in my holster instead.


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Second the FNS40. Great weapon, accurate, dependable, comfortable with a low bore axis that lessens felt recoil. Feels like shooting a 9mm. FYI-Baltimore Police Department just went with this weapon and they won't be the last. It's my personal favorite EDC and you can't go wrong with FNH. Do yourself a favor, look at one before buying and you'll know why BPD made the choice.Link Removed


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I have a CZ82 that's a double stack 9x18. It's ambidextrous. (grips and safety) Strips easy and is pretty accurate even with me shooting it. A tad heavy for carry but so are a lot out there. And it's inexpensive to buy. I got mine a several years ago. It came with two mags,a military style holster, cleaning rod and I paid about $212.00 at the time. It's a little more ($) now but still very affordable. Not like some those out there.

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