Call To Action: Ask 2A GOP Debate Questions!


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I for one am bent the candidates have not been asked any 2a questions...

I for one want to know who supports the "Unabridged Second Amendment" I know the only one is Dr. Ron Paul, Champion of Liberty, Defender of the Constitution; Ron Paul 2012 Official Campaign WebsiteRon Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee but I would like to see the rest of the field exposed as the frauds they are when they get fact checked on their 2a answers...

Fox & Google are doing the debate this Thursday, September 22nd on FOX they are giving us the ability to ask text/video questions and or vote on text/video questions that have been asked thus far; highest votes get put to the candidates live...

Post and vote on Second Amendment text/video questions !!!

Here is where and how...

FoxNewsChannel's Channel - YouTube

Your Vote, Your Questions: You Decide What To Ask At The Fox News/Google Debate | Fox News

Remember ...

NO Rinos, NO Liberals, NoBama 2012 !

Get registered to vote Republican for the primary's & caucuses coming up asap, and do your due diligence research on all the candidates and the incumbents actual records vs. their rhetoric and the media spin...

Don't let the RINO News Network FOX and the rest of the MSM choose our candidates for us!


Phrase it so they cannont fall back on the hunters, remember Clinton one hunting trip in his life during campaign and never again.


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Yeah, I never did find where in the Second Amendment it stated "Shall Not Be Infringed" ... Except...

If its not a valid hunting or sporting purpose as defined by congress in this weeks legislation...

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