C.O Arms 1911 thoughts


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I have a chance to pick one up for $300 in like new shape... worth it? I know its a cheapie.. just want some opinions...


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For $300 I would jump on it.

It's a 1911, hard to go too wrong at $300. Also, from my understanding, CO Arms is not a bad outfit. They have lifetime transferable warranty on parts and products, and seem to have a reasonable following in the forums.

For $300 I would jump on it.

Some discussions and reviews that might be helpful:
The M1911 Pistols Organization Forums Site - C.O. Arms - 1911 AWP (All Weather Pistol) Any comments on the company!
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From their website:
C.O. Arms offers a Lifetime Warranty against any defects in manufacturing or workmanship for the life of the gun. Warranty is fully transferable to any owner regardless if they were the original owner. If the gun has our name on it, and it is deemed that the defect is a result of our manufacturing process, we will repair it at no cost to the owner of the firearm.


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No its completely legit .... he's offered it a few times to me... I've been trying to get him to trade for an Old 80gal shop compressor I have that he needs lol


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Give him the compressor and $ 300.00 or give me his name and number I will buy it! He deserves the compressor for giving you a great deal.

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