C.A.R technique


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Has anyone ever heard of or been trained by Paul Castle. The CAR system is pretty amazing

Terminal Lance

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I've done some research. It's pretty legit. It teaches you to use your body's natural instincts to your advantage in CQB. Instead of squaring up and extending your arms towards the threat you make youael harder to kill. Good trash.


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Interesting, but I have to wonder what legal defense one will be able to support if you actually miss, especially with those head shots that were demonstrated. Remember, those techniques would have been practiced for thousands of rounds.

Another concern I would have is the position that requires the firearm to be in close proximity to the face and unbraced for recoil and cycling of the firearm.

I'd be interested in working through the program to see where it takes me from what I already have in my training background.

I'll get some more information on this and see where it leads. Who knows, it might turn into a mandatory road-trip.

Terminal Lance

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I gave it a try last time I went to the range and as far as being unbraced for the recoil I going that then you have proper grip per instructed by this technique you forearm is directly behind the weapon so it's not an issue at all. Also keep in mind it's mean for extremely close quarters.

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