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OK I've been traveling around a bit and my Mi CCW is recognized in quite a few states, which is great and have been carrying the whole trip.

While in the Orlando area (yes I carried in Disney, Universal, and a few more places as well) but this one day I happened to topping off the tank of the PU, the wife was inside spitting in the face of adversity and buying a lottery ticket.

Already in condition orange I spot a 5'10" 18-20 year old black male that looks like trouble and he is making a very direct line toward my truck from the 1:00. The truck is between me and him so I am in a good position I immediately clear my shirt from the HK and go to the hand at ready position, eyes locked on possible adversary.

He is only about 3' from the passenger door when he happens to look right at me and I give him a very strong go ahead and make my day stare, at which he notices my stance and makes a very quick course adjustment away from the truck. New Fl castle law and CCW has made a difference in the attitude of the PERP and they are more cautious about their target.

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Good looking out.I tell the girlfriend all the time to be aware of her surroundings,because you never know who is watching you and waiting for that opportunity to take advantage.I tell her to sweep the area visually evrytime she goes out as it might save her a bunch of trouble.
That is the truth Sheldon. I 'm not advocating that,he may have only wanted a light for his joint. Bad guy is bad guy= do it again. He could have been cured then, instead of waiting for next time.
Unfortunately as busy as the Orlando police are they are not interested in a kid that makes a very fast approach to your vehicle and then makes a Hasty retreat when spotted. Their have been a heap of shootings down there as of late, robberies and even a couple of Self defense stories, they were on the news every night when I was down there.

Oh and one more road story I posted this one as "Justice is Served" on a different forum!!

I was Driving on the highway with the cruse set at the speed limit + 1 or 2 (SOP), per the GPS it is daylight hours (some of these states take the limit real serious).

Red Mustang roars by like I am in reverse, 3-4 miles later there he is in the breakdown lane, hood up, smoke rolling.

Very loud Jap Junk-mobile wings N stuff Blows by, doing a lot more than is allowed, few miles down the road, there he is with the Police have a very expensive discussion about his driving habits.

Car in right lane doing about 60 in a 70, no signal, suddenly cuts in front, maintains speed, effectively blocking the road. I wait patently behind him for several miles with no change I do a Flash the headlights to pass. He slams on the breaks, then speeds back up. Few more miles and I try again, N he repeats but this time the right lane is clear so I swing on by befoe he can react.

I know of all the immature stuff I wanted to do but I abided by my primary rules, M CCW so be smarter than them, When someone is stupid either...

A. Pass them and get far enough away so they can kill someone else.
B. If A is not available get off the highway and let them get down the road so they can kill someone else.
C. Always Do a 911 on them, and it went something like this.

Me "we are on Highway.... westbound... Marker..... Silver Honda license.... Relate incident"
dispatcher "Can you still see them"
Me "1/2 mile behind in review"
dispatcher "we have a officer entering the highway now"
I watch the review and all of a sudden I see the blue lights come on about 1/2 mile back.
Dispatcher "we have them thank you" BTY They were still blocking the left lane, road rage I wonder how much that cost them?
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Good job for being so alert. My job took me to the Orlando area a few years ago and it didn't take long for me to recognize the area as one ripe for bad intentions. It also made me glad that Florida recognizes my CHL there. I suspect that the BGs are used to having plenty of Disney/Universal visitors to prey on - your response was probably a very unwelcome surprise for that young man!
Orlanda is a high crime area. The police cannot control it. The joke is that the local newspaper is anti CCW. The truth is that every good citizen there should carry.
O-Town is in the Big League

It's a brutal fact. There just aren't enough police to cover all the BGs in the Orlando area. Many areas that were once sought after places to live have changed. Pine Hills, originally the home of many Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin) engineers has been unofficially renamed "Crime Hills". Next came Metro West. 8 years ago, I told my students that Metro West = High Rent, High Crime. A guy at the Orlando Sentinel has dubbed Metro West "Ghetto West". I remind my students to never park beside a large vehicle like a van when shopping. Park where you can see what's going on around your car. And lock your doors when driving! My wife has a LadySmith; I wish I could get her to take the CCW class before she needs it.
It's a brutal fact. There just aren't enough police to cover all the BGs in the Orlando area. My wife has a LadySmith; I wish I could get her to take the CCW class before she needs it.

Have you tried the take her to the range approach, many ranges offer a class for a nominal fee. Unfortunately many women do not realize they have a great big bullseye painted on them by every freak out there and are at extreme risk. With me I paid for her and the oldest daughter to take it together so it became an Mother Daughter outing, if not how about a friend who's wife is going to or needs to take the class. Women like it when you make it a girl / girl outing.
I'm workin' on it, Sheldon. My dotta-in-law is interested and I'm hoping that'll help as they are real close.

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