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I have the opportunity to purchase a new CCW and I am looking at either the Sig 239 or 250. My only knock on the 250 is it is DAO. Granted it is only 6 lb trigger pull but I am not a big fan of DAO. This will be my EDC so I am looking for comfort as well. Any experience carrying either weapon?

The P250 DAO is a nice gun, and despite some of the hype about it being a problem child, I like mine.

Exception: The P250 DAO takes a bit to get used to. If you are going to switch it out regularly as to which is your CCW, you may want to do a lot of switching back and forth on the range because that P250 has a lot of trigger travel to get it to go bang.



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Depends on what caliber you are looking for. I have the p239 40 cal, best gun I have. My only complaint is thatit's a little heavy (aprox 32 oz loaded) for ccw. The p238 is really nice and small but it's a 38. The p250 can switch to different cals but the p239 was designed for concealed carry.

Also some of the other brands (Ruger, khar, SD etc) have some nice small guns for conceal carry.

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Friend has 250 which he purchased so he can switch calibres, specifically from 40 to 22. Not sure if Sig ever made the 22 switch piece but customer service etal has been severely lacking to be kind about it. Most mfgrs today are overloaded with biz thanks to the king with no clothes in the whitehouse (best gun salesman of the year 3 years in a row), so stick with a Sig that is very well proven and not this newer model where, in his case, service has been lacking.


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I have a DAO (non-Sig) and I prefer it for CC..
1) Long trigger travel = much less chance of accidental discharge
2) IF I pull the trigger and there is NO bang, I can just pull the trigger again and double strike the same bullet.

With SAO, you have to slide the slide, eject the shell, all which takes time and make noise..
Now I may have to do that as well with my DAO, but I have a quick second chance for the bullet to go off.. IF it goes off, I've saved time and 1 round of ammo.. IF it doesn't go off, I've lost less than a second.. I know with good ammo this does not happen often, but it is possible.. And in a situation where you are actually firing at someone, I'd rather try NOT to have to clear the round..

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