Buy a car, get an AK47


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This is awsome. He stays calm , she can't answer his questions, and she looks like an ID-10-T (idiot).

I don't think she would have accepted any answer he gave. Her mind is set to be against guns, period. She doesn't listen to logic.

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Listening to this guy's counter-points rings so true to a recent situation I had to go through. About a month before the incident, we had a woman flee from a domestic violence assault and her abusive boyfriend tracked her down to where she was at a friend's place. She was so scared for her life when he showed up that she jumped out of a third story window to get away from him.

When my neighbor showed up on my doorstep after her boyfriend gave her a black eye, the first thing I did was bring her inside, lock the door, and call 911. While she talked to 911 I loaded my Walther. She was clearly uncomfortable with the presence of the gun...but that's another matter.
I won't go out and track the guy down(that's the cop's job), but I'll be damned before I stand by and let someone get beat to death in front of me.

Anyway, it took 22 minutes for the cops to show up. That's 22 minutes where anything could have happened.
Nobody can rely on police protection. It doesn't exist.
great interview. I like that guy... and I seriously hope that the reporter doesn't have to go through a self defense situation gone wrong for her to change her mind about guns.

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