Business Owner Shoots Robbery Suspect


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It is a little unclear about the type of pistol used, just the same, the outcome for the BG was not in their favor.

From AP & Detroit Free Press:
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[FONT=arial, helvetica]
[FONT=verdana,arial]January 22, 2009

[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]Bay County business owner shoots robbery suspect[/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman, serif]
[/FONT]AUBURN — Authorities say a Bay County insurance business owner shot one of two masked men armed with air pistols who tried to rob the office.
The sheriff's department told WSGW-AM the shooting happened Wednesday night in Auburn, about 100 miles northwest of Detroit, after an attempted robbery at Evergreen Insurance Agency. Two Standish-area men have been identified as suspects.
Witnesses told WEYI-TV they heard loud bangs and had no idea they were gunshots.

Officials said a 31-year old was shot more than once and was hospitalized in critical condition. A 23-year old was captured several hours later and was treated for possible frostbite, deputies said.

Authorities said they found the suspects' vehicle parked a block away with the engine running.



If the insurance business owner spent just a little more time at the range, we'd have a couple toe-tags in the morgue instead of a frost-bitten putz and his buddy, swiss-cheese butt. But I bet his business doesn't get robbed again any time soon. "Stupid should hurt" and the BG's catch on after getting their backside perferated.

Still, I applaud his effort.
another lesson for the stupid idiots out there. of course a lot of them probably can't read the story...

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