bushnell Holosight vs EOTech 512 vs EOTech 516


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The Bushnell and the 512 look almost identical. The 516 is just $40 more than the 512 and has side controls allowing access with a magnifier. The Bushnell is about half the price of the 512 and the only difference I can come up with is that the Bushnell is not quite a rugged as the EOTech. The only complaint I could find on the Bushnell is from someone who dropped the gun on concrete and broke the site. He felt that the EOTech with it's metal hood would have survived.

What do you all think? Has anyone tried these sites?

They are both nice, but the Aimpoint is far more durable. Personally, I would, and did, choose the Millet Zoom Dot over both of these.
I tried an Aimpoint red dot. It felt more like looking through a scope where the EOTech felt more like the dot was suspended in mid air. Very easy target acquisition with both eyes open. One issue I have is that I'm right handed but left eye dominant. Firing the rifle I have to use my right eye. Not being my dominant eye, I found the EOTech easier. The gun store has a Millet Zoom Dot. Maybe I'll take another look.
I got this list of reasons the Zoom Dot is better than the Aimpoint from opticstalk.com. I haven't had a chance to research all of the items in this list, but thought I would post it for you to check out.

1. ZD has no wires to break, AP has small wires that break under use.

2. ZD has No glued LED, AP has a LED that is glued in. can come lose

3. ZD has no inter tube to reduce your vision, come lose or lose zero

4. ZD is tested to 2000+ g, it will hold up after being run over by a truck.

5. ZD can go to 300 under water for extended time and not leak, the lenses are made like a rolex watch more pressure the tighter they get.

6. ZR has no rheostat to adjust the brighness, it does it automatically to match the light conditions. If you go from bright to dim it will adjust to match the light. Note the smooth lines and no knobs sticking out of the sides of the unit.

7. the ZD will hold zero, due to the design it cant change zero due to impact less than destruction.

8. ZD will work from the range of the battery, -40 to 150+ f

9. ZD is manufactured in Huntington Beach CA. by an American company. AP is not.

10. There is no perceived parallax in the ZD, AP has visible parallax.

11. ZD can be repaired in the field if electronics ever fails, less than a min. you can replace the electronics, AP got to send it back.

12, If you want the latest in design ZD, if you want 25 yr old tec AP.

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