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I read that Remington has bought the parent company of Bushmaster. What is your take on this. I know some love the Bushmaster and others I have talked to are not as fond of them claiming feeding problems etc. So what do you think. Will this be a good or bad thing. Will the quality only get better with Remington buying Bushmaster or will the quality be less.

..just a guess...

I'm thinking that Rem bought Bushy to diversify and claim some of the lucrative AR market. Only guessing though. I don't think quality will suffer as a result.
from what i've read remmington is building the vtr in assoiation with bushmaster, bushmaster just in the past couple of weeks sent me a brochure of there up-dated product line.:pleasantry:
Never been a fan of Bushmaster in the AR market anyway. I don't give a hoot who owns them. In my professional opinoion Bushmaster is at the lower end of the quality scale of AR manufacturers. Shotty workmanship on most of the parts and only batch tested on most of those same parts.

Magpul partnered with Bushmaster for the ACR rifle. It sill hasn't hit the shelves yet and I'm betting the rifle will see little affection from real shooters of the 5.56 type.

Bushmaster needed a larger umbrella company, in my opinion.

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