Bushmaster Question

Hey guys,

This might be a really dumb question (I apologize if it is). I am going to be putting on my Hogue grip on my bushmaster and noticed that the screw holding it up is all the way up the grip. My question is, does anyone know the size of the Allen wrench needed to un-screw it? Reason I ask is I need to go buy a longer piece and wanted to make sure of the size. Seriously I know this is dumb but I figured Id ask to save myself multiple trips to the store. Thanks guys!


I am at work Right now but if its the same size as my DPMS I have the allan size. I used a T handled Allen. I will check and get back as soon as I get home. I had that problem when I put the Magpul Grip on mine.
3/16 Allen Wrench. You can find an Extra long one at the Home Depot for like 3 bucks. Personally I like the T Handles and I would reccomend getting the whole set in standard and metric.

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