Bush: Serious Crisis Needs Serious Global Response


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Saturday, October 11, 2008
Bush: Serious Crisis Needs Serious Global Response
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MarketWatch PulseBuzz up!Digg It StumbleUpon Reddit WASHINGTON -- President Bush urged global finance leaders on Saturday to work together on plans to fix "the serious global crisis" in credit markets. "We're in this together. We will come through this together," he said Saturday after meeting with finance leaders of the Group of Seven of industrialized nations at the White House. Bush said the crisis demands a "serious global response." On Friday, the G7 agreed on a five-part response that was lacking in specifics. Finance ministers from a broader group of industrialized nations in the Group of 20 will meet later Saturday to craft a coordinated response to the crisis that has slammed stock markets around the globe.

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Bush said the crisis demands a "serious global response."
Sounds like One World Government to me.

Listen to Ron Paul

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The problem is: I don't trust governments. Their idea of a fix most likely involves more state intrusion into my life.

If politicians want to make the world a better place they are welcome to find their way to the nearest restroom and insert their head into a toilet until they drown.
Yup were in this together,Our money their spending. Get the hell out of our lives. Nobana starting to sound like a republican.Where is he going to get off.:hang3:
The only appropriate response is free market, laissez faire capitalism. When are they going to learn that everything that they put their hands on turns to ash?

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