Bug out Planning


God Bless Our Troops!!!
1. Set parameters for responses.
2. Make plans for travel to a rally point.
3. Assess the situation for threats and best routes of travel.
4. Go to your rally point and assemble your team/group
5. Make sure no one gets left behind.
6. proceed to your "safe area"
7. check to ensure you are not tailed.
8. survive as best you can
9. spend at least one night in a holiday inn express

Your bugout location will in many cases be home or other familiar turf. You cannot expect to live longterm like grizzly Adams but you can make sure that you have a short term place to go and people to be with. Make sure everyone has a job and that everyone is secure. Long term survival will be much easier where you have a garden and animals for food. Let's face it...MREs are not a good longterm food due to salt and fat content. They are great for short trips and field operations but are not a replacement for fresh veggies and fruits. Protein is crucial and should be stored as canned or preserved fish and meats.

Motorhomes make great bugout vehicles. They are self contained and usually have a lot of storage for foodstuffs and equipment. Our family actually lived in a motorhome for over 6 months while we were waiting to buy our first home following my medical retirement from the USAF. It was close and cramped but it worked. We all had a place to sleep and we were warm and dry.

The nice part of it is that they are self contained, no one notices them and most have a generator. Having 55 gallons of fresh water available is a great asset as well.

My reasons for bugout are as follows:

2.critical infrastructure failure
3.wild fires
4.all out war
5.riots and angry villagers with torches and pitchforks

I really like the idea of a small motor home. When I turn 62 I am going to take my retirement, perhaps take out a reverse mortgage on our home to get the money for a small motor home and that way I can still have my house to live in. Of course that is if the balloon has not already gone up before then.

I have planned all along on staying and defending my home and land.
Living about 70 miles from the closest large city (cincy) Im not to concerned about the torches and pitch forks
showing up, if they do however, they shouldve read the invitation: dont bring your pitchfork to a gun fight.
Ive been setting things up here to be able to survive probably anything.... I hope:shout:

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