Brits, still shooting up a storm!


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The U.K. government may have disarmed it's law-abiding citizens & after this U may know why!
But they can not take the right to have a little (online) shooting harmless 'fun' away from the average Brit, or even Yank.
Please stay away from this link if you are a card carrying cat lover. :wub:
It is not my intention to encourage cruelty to any animal, I love cats and this is ONLY a game. :wink:
But the Limey who put this online shooter up on the WWW needs some psych help, ya think. :mad:
Two shooters actually, it has: "Clay Kitten Shooting" Ver 1 which is a bit messy [PG13], and Ver 2 is down right splattering fake cyber-cats into atoms, so proceed with care [PG18+].
No real ammo needed, no permits or even a gun, your mouse aims,
your L-mouse button dispatches felines with extreme prejudice, it's a bug-free site. :triniti:
No game to download, a faster speed modem helps, any Windows © OS works. :wub:
WARNING! This game may be addictive, or put U in a world of NSPCA
hurt, and me on Luke's kill-file list for ever.
See what happens to a society when they get their guns melted down, and hope to God we keep ours! :shout:
Link Removed
Now no posting top scores. PLEASE! :wink:


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