Bring the guns to church day.

Are you confusing pagan with heathen?

Absolutely incorrect, nothing could be further from the truth in relation to their BELIEF and FAITH in God or Christ.

Gotta agree with Ringo on this one. True Christians, not Sunday go-thru-the-motions hypocrites, are not anything like Muslims. From what I can tell Islam, like Catholocism, Judaism and many other religions, is all hung up on ritual and following the letter of the law and not the spirit. This was the one thing that Jesus most often spoke out against. They try to justify their hatred through scriptures taken out of context and they make public exhibitions of their worship in order to make themselves look pious. True Christians are private, loving people who help those in need and show animosity to no one. They try to emulate Christ and follow his two greatest commandments - love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind and strength and love thy neighbor as thyself.
You assume that I don't know whereof I speak.
Muslims are the descendents of Ishmael, while Jews are descendents of Isaac. Both are sons of Abraham but to different women. Isaac was the son promised to Abraham and Sarah but they were impatient with God and as they grew old they doubted that his promise would be fulfilled. So Sarah gave her maid-servant Hagar to Abraham and she bore his first son. Although Ishmael was his eldest son Sarah became pregnant at a very advanced age with Isaac, the child promised by God who was given Abraham's inheritance. This is what started the "family feud" between the Arabs and Jews. Abraham was promised that his seed would be numerous and he would be the father of nations. In fact, he was the father of two nations that have been warring with each other ever since.

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