Bring back the Pony Express!

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Over 10 years ago or so, Australia's Postal services (then government run) went down the drain, the same way it is happening here now. Of course there had been FedEx, UPS and others. I came here to the US to buy a franchise called "Postal Annex". Something happened along the way and I wasn't able to invest in it (long story not suited for general public consumption). Anyway, many years down the road, the postal services were sold off and now a franchise system run by a private company. It became a very effective system from then on once the government got its hands off the postal's kitty. Same with most of the once government ran companies, e.g., the telephone system. It is still now a private entity but with only some government money invested in it. Maybe that might be the solution to these private companies here -- for the government to sell off what they are holding and cannot manage.

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THAT was probably predictable, even IF they errored on their calculations, to the matter of "Trillions" we are told. (Now WHY do I look at that somewhat jadedly?)

Look, even a complete putz like myself can see that trading 2.1 Trillion in additional debt, expected to last some 18 months for a Trillion in immediate reductions (over ten years!) now and and additional Trillion or so to be miraculously "found" by the preordained deadlocked committee of "first round draft picks" to be chosen later........ is NOT "fixing" our deficit/debt "Problem". Make no mistake, it IS a problem!

The "wisdom" of the financial world would normally predict, and they would be probably right..... 99% of the time, that interest rates on US Bonds should rise.... as a result of being perceived as more risky. They have NOT, as yet. Why?

Well, as some "expert" noted on MSNBC this evening..... it has not come to pass because we are STILL the cleanest shirt in the dirty clothes hamper in comparison. Considering the state of the EU..... not a bad analysis.

".... and we'll all go down together.
We swore we'd all go down together!..."


P.S. OK. This was supposed to be posted in a thread about how the S&P dropped our credit rating. (Ruetiers (SP?) News story)

Edit: Got it. This actually belongs in "Why I voted for Obama" thread, around post 90 or so. Would appreciate transfer accordingly, if mods are reading. GG

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