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I have been a Packers fan since I was 13 years old. That has been my team since I've even taken an interest in the NFL. And yesterday my childhood hero, Brett Favre, emotionally anounced he was retiring from the NFL. Brett is a respectable man, even if you hate the GB Packers, you've got to respect him as a person. He has perservered through so much in his life, his father dying, his wife being diagnosed with cancer, all while being one of histories best QB's and an excellent role model for children.
Of course, as a fan, I would like to see him stay in the NFL, but I understand all things must come to an end. Thanks for the memories Brett.

1992-2007 GB starting QB
Holds record for: passing yds, completions, TD passes, career wins, consecutive starts, and NFL MVP (3 times)

I agree

I agree, Brett had a good career and is one of the good guys in all of professional sports. Doesn't it, just a little bit, get to you though when a guy at age 38 says he is "tired" and doesn't want to play anymore. Aren't you ready for one of these guys to just come out and say they aren't playing anymore because they don't have too? Good thing they had the opportunity to play a professional sport because 40 years in the mill or the plant or heck, even the office would have just killed them.
Brett is a great role model, he will be missed on the football field. after 17 years i'm sure he is ready to retire. :bier:
I fully agree with Cooter and DJ58. I will miss him him very much, but I am glad he decided to retire before he gets a severe injury or becomes a detriment to his team. It is very sad to see a top athlete go downhill. He achieved his goals.

SCjeeper, one tends to work where his talents will take him. These pro ballplayers EARN their places on their teams. A very large number that play for 10 years or more, retire with disabilities and constant pain for the rest of their lives. Yes, they understood the risks and accepted them. That is why you don't see them crying to everyone about their plight. I do not begrudge them their money and a chance to retire "early". The rest of us have OSHA to give us a relatively safe place to work.
I look forward to seeing him inducted into the Hall of Fame!

He sure was fun to watch. He always played like he loved the game and wanted to have fun.

He's one of a kind, for sure.
Actually, I just read in American Rifleman that Brett Favre signed a marketing contract with Remington. He is a hunter and outdoorsman, he might be Remington's poster guy. Just like R. Lee Ermey on every Glock poster.
Not to get political, but is there any chance Brett's wife might take over for him now? After all, she was married to him while he was Quarterbacking...she should certainly have the ability to do the job, too, no?

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