Boy, 14, dupes police, patrols Chicago for 5 hours


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Another example of Chicago's finest.

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CHICAGO (AP) — A 14-year-old aspiring police officer donned a uniform, walked into a Chicago police station and managed to get an assignment — patroling in a squad car for five hours before he was detected, police said Sunday.

He'll probably be hired as soon as he turns 18. He'll fit right in - hell, he already has. Just another "Chicago" story, nothing unusual.
That's pretty hilarious.

Well, it was hilarious at first, then kinda scary. Then kinda making me feel stupid for thinking it was scary... Then confusing.
Boy, 14

I fail to understand how he patrolled for five hours. According to CNN Headline News, he was given an assignment, but never had a weapon nor drove a patrol car. I guess it was five hours before someone relised he was not wearing a regulation uniform. He was arrested for impersonating a police officer. The kid has chutzpah, that is for certain.
I am glad to see the officals in Chicago are on top of things. If the Daily machine every dies a natural death he might be mayor someday.

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