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Bought a slightly used Glock 19 yesterday and took it out today with some pretty good results. Serial # says it was born in May 07 so it is pretty new and didn't look like it had been shot much. I shot a 100 box of WWB and a few hyrdashok's. I don't think it was lubed all that well when I took it out and after about 100 rounds I had one round jam (looked like it nose-dived into the ramp?). Guy at the range said WWB are the only rounds he has seen cause the 9mm Glocks a problem...he claims they never jam heh. I took it home and stripped it down and cleaned/lubed it real good. I don't have any doubts it would go bang if I needed it to. I shot it real well too....25-50 feet were all the pleasure with it.

Congrats! I have never owned a Glock. The only one I ever fired had issues. It would FTF every few rounds. (compact 45). My brother thinks they are great though. Guess it was just a bad one.
I have a G19. Never had a problem with it. These days I usually carry two guns. My HK is my main gun but I carry the 19 as my back up. It is a good firearm.
I own a few handguns but only carry three of them at any given time. When push come to shove I grab the trusty G19.

If I am going out to the wild I grab my XD45 but for every day carry Glock is the way to go. I have shoot at least 3000 rounds through my G19 and the only time it ever malfunctioned was when I put a steel guide rod in it. I went back to the stock guide rod and it has never malfunctioned since. All guns jam now and then. Don't let it get to you.

I bought 1000 rounds of S&B 9mm. My M&P would not shoot more then one before it jammed, My two friends who also had M&P's did the same thing. I shot the other 900 rounds through my Glock. Not one failure.
After market parts are a primary reason that a Glock will fail. Another common problem is with the magazine. All of my magazines are marked. If I get a feeding problem, the first thing I check is the magazine.

Nothing "man made" is flawless. There are steps we can take to ensure that the come pretty close. :) Whenever possible (and legal :D) I carry a BUG.

Congrats on adding the G19, Being a big Glock Fan myself, I also have found that most of the Glocks that jam is dut to the mag, Over they years I have found that using too much lub will also cause a Glock to not feed properly, That a problem I had with my G22 custom........ I also carry a G19 every day, I also have severa more lol 17,23, 32, 21,,
I absolutely loved shooting the G19. I'm not sure why the one round jammed but I was sorta messing around with ammo at that point. I was alternating the WWB and the Federal JHPs and that's when I got the JHP stuck. I actually only have one gun that has never P32 lol.
I bought a used G19 to plink with and it felt well used. I could not hear the firing pin rattle and gave Glock a call. They said send it to them for upgrades for free. Darn back to my Kimbers.
My sister worked 2 crime scenes in Harris County (Houston) where glocks were involved and that they had jammed. the owners said they were loaded with reloads.
one was a home owner, an asian gang kicked in his door to rob and burgle(?) him and his house. He anwered their actions with a Glock 9mm, it jammed and being a competition shooter then reached for his highly accurized and decked out 1911 .45ACP and killed one and the others hopped in the car and drove away, with him in the street firing at their car.

the other was a sheriff's deputy. He stopped a suspicious suv full of teens. he ordered them out of the vehicle, one stayed hidden in the suv. the hidden teen popped out of the suv firing at the deputy, he returned fire and his glock jammed. he crawled under his patrol car to escape the rounds, he was hit in both arms, if my mem. serves me correctly. A citizen driving by stopped, came out his pickup with a CZ 75 9mm and started blasting at the teens. this is pre CCH, but I'm sure he had a good reason to be armed in his pu. The teens scattered and he turned to the deputy and saw a young male running toward the deputy with a gun in hand, he didn't know if he was a good guy or bad guy, decided not to fire at him. It was an off duty deputy coming to help. long story short, deputy survived, LEOs swarmed the area, house to house search, found all the bad guys. oh yes, it turned out to be a stolen car.

oh BTW, The Sheriff's Office gave him an award. Winchester gave him a case of 9mm to practice with, none of the bad guys were hit.
No jams

All very interesting, have a Ruger P85 MkII, have fired thousands of rounds from handloads, real cheapies such as blazers, monarchs, up to hydrashoks -- I have never had a jam. I love Ruger!

It is big and heavy, but I carry it every day in a belt holster or an iwb holster.

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The only two guns I own that have never jammed on me are my two revolvers.

That being said, I have a G22 and I absolutely love it. The only time it has jammed was due to crap WWB ammo misfeeding.
Shot 100 WWB and 100 Hornady TAP rounds tonight without a hitch. Switched mags before I went to the range and marked the one that had the one jam last time out.

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