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Had this conversation with a Canadian Border Agent while crossing from MI into Canada on the way to NY. It's interesting that he asked,"Where's your gun?" as soon as I stopped the car. Could have been the Remington front license plate. :biggrin:

Agent: Where’s your gun?
S: Safe at home, I hope.
A: Why do you need a gun?
S: Personal protection.
A: Why? Is someone after you?
S: No, just exercising my Second Amendment Rights. It’s like a fire extinguisher – I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
A: What kind of gun do you have?
S: A Sig P 232.
A: Where’s your other gun?
S: (Looks puzzled)
A: You have Remington license plate on the front of your car. Where’s that?
S: Oh, that’s just a local pride thing. I was born in the hometown of Remington Arms. (This is true; but I did not feel the necessity to discuss my long guns with him.)
A: Do you have any other weapons with you? Pepper spray, knives?
S: Nope.
A: No weapons in the car?
S: Nope.
A: (Hands back passport) Have a nice day.

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Hmmm...when I was visiting in this country, we went to Mexico for the usual crayfish lunch. Coming back to San Diego the border partrol asked if everyone in the our Jeep are US citizens. My friend said "NO" and immediately asked if the non-US citizen have a passport. I gave mine and he examined it and let us through. This happened way before 9/11. Later on in one of my visits again, we visited New Mexico and saw people from the other side just walking through an entrance without being investigated nor asked for their passport before they can go through. I felt disgusted at the time...and I am now living here permanently and this is still happening?

What is happening to this country?

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