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Bongino: House GOP must impeach Biden

Fox News personality and conservative podcaster Dan Bongino made clear that he’s ready for House Republicans to give their Democratic counterparts a taste of their own medicine.

According to the Washington Examiner, Bongino told his listeners last week that he wants Republican lawmakers to play “hardball” and draft articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden, sooner than later, citing the president’s massive failure in handling the immigration crisis at the southern U.S. border.

The conservative firebrand explained that if Democrats were able to pull off two sham impeachments, which ultimately didn’t work, Republicans now have legitimate reasons to make the same move.

“The Democrats think impeachment is a strictly political tool to get rid of your political enemies, even when they don’t have a reason? You know, fake impeachment one, fake impeachment two over Trump. Well, now we have a real reason,” Bongino said.

The host admitted that the chances of impeachment against Biden going anywhere is slim, but added that it’s still important to lay the groundwork and for Republicans to begin filling the news headlines with such an action, which would still be politically potent.

“Put forth the impeachment resolution now. Doesn’t matter. Make them vote on it. Get it on the floor. Get it in the news cycle right now. This guy has got to go. He is the worst president in U.S. history,” Bongino said.

“It’s time to start playing hardball,” Bongino added, echoing earlier similar suggestions from legendary conservative radio host Mark Levin.

While Bongino focused on Biden’s failures at the southern border, he called Biden’s surprise extension to the federal moratorium on evictions “icing on the cake,” referencing the fact that Biden later came out and admitted that such an action was not constitutionally sound, as the Examiner noted.

While conservatives generally do not play dirty like their political counterparts, perhaps Bongino is on to something and perhaps it’s time for GOP lawmakers to roll up their sleeves and give Democrats a strong taste of their own medicine.

My thoughts:

I completely agree with Dan Bongino. Biden is destroying our country. The border crisis will cause more deaths from covid than ever before. Yet we are supposed to be tested while they are not. Tired of that double standard.

Biden’s presidency is already a failure. If you ask yourself what he has accomplished so far, nothing is pretty close to reality.

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