Boise Weekly promoting anti-gun propaganda


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The Boise Weekly has made it a point to have Mr. Bill Cope be a means for his anti-gun agenda.

Stand Our Ground
Part One: Just how nutty are gun nuts?

Stand Our Ground
Part Two: We are not alone

I would like to hear your thoughts on the articles?

Sally Freeman is the editor for Boise Weekly and her email is [email protected]

the media is corrupt, the media is controlled by the government, the media will advance the agenda of the charlatan and his band of marxists. the problem is that the majority of the population hasn't reached my level of cynicism or understanding of the current realities we face


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There is no argument in that article, just a lot of name calling. I'm not sure what point he was trying to make except that he hasn't grown passed the 8th grade.

My guess, he comes from a broken family.


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This is a copy of a letter I just sent off to the Editor of the Boise Weekly. I hope he accepts my offer of either a debate in the form of articles or in person. Seeing that it is print media, I think debating in articles would be quite fun to say the least.
Dear Sir, I am one of those Gun toting hillbillies that Mr. Cope is referring too when he speaks of the Idaho Gun owners. I among a lot of others would like to know of he is speaking an opinion of his own or is it also the opinion of the staff at the Boise Weekly? He resorts to named calling and insults that are in no way called for in a decent media outlet. Something that if he stated it to my face would have some severe consequences. As I believe most people would react. I believe we should be permitted to rebut his so called views and opinions. Would you entertain a debate in articles? Or in person? The only recourse we have is monetary. So we (responsible gun owners) will be at first notifying the advertisers who appear on Mr. Cope's pages. To let them know that we will be boycotting their establishments and or products. We will also be notifying our friends, families and loved ones to also join the boycott. If that doesn't seem to be enough motivation for Mr. Cope, then we will be contacting all advertisers and let them know what our opinion is, since Mr. Cope seems not to give a damn. Thank you for your time and I'm looking forward to hearing from you,

Dennis C. Lee
[email protected]

Dennis in Idaho
Concealed Carry is a Privilege
Open Carry is a Right!

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