BO by the range/lake 7-8-9 Oct


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Hope many can come from here. This is an excerpt from another site giving some details about the gatherings:
Sure RD, Family went to a gathering near Augusta, Ga over 10 yrs ago and we really enjoyed meeting weird deranged folks like us-lol. A bud from Virginia and I rented the 4-H camp nearby and just invited folks for an outing. We started having "classes" on various prep/survival/ pioneering skills/ shooting subjects taught by those who came and ourselves. We have been doing this every since in April/Oct. Last fall was the least attended but that was the weekend of the horrible tornadoes all over the states(NC/SC). We have covered things like nuke/fallout survival, long term storage, reloading, casting, first aid, foraging, canning, expediant shelters(doing it again this fall), radio com., weaving, primitive weapons, trapping, snaring, hand to hand "contact", etc. During each weekend we eat very well and have a Dutch Oven cooking contest that always surprises everyone with the delicacies. We have killed/processed a goat, chicken, and even a snapping turtle(cooter for you more southern folks), We have had show and tells with several tables of different arms, armorers doing their things, CAS, and competition for all ages plus lots of fun shoots. Between all these events the BS never lets up-lol. Late Saturday evening we usually have a fun auction of things that folks contribute. Some years we have had gate prizes and many times folks just bring things to share. It has become like a big family reunion--and as "Lee" said once "where everybody likes each other". This year we will have another scavenger hunt and another contest with prizes for both winners/runners up. On the range we have had accuracy comps, youth accuracy, and plenty of just play time with safety stressed. We have had shotgun "jungle" lanes and hopefully this year an entry class. There is a nice nature hiking trail well marked around the lake and several old millstones still scattered about. The canoes are ours to use(always wear vests) and there are some nice fish in it. If you want to hunt just come early and we may have a deer to demonstrate processing with. There will be something for all ages and lots even bring their grand kids. Last fall we gathered round the guitars after elegantly dining by the campfire and sang some. If you want to get away from the grind and have a relaxing fun filled educational economical weekend then make plans to come join us. We have had folks come in from Fla, Al, Ga,Tenn, Vir, NJ, and even NC/SC-lol. Last spring a bud drove in from Ohio. The rascal left with all my extra cash--he had lots of cast boolits with him. Am still shooting them. May be able to talk him into coming back. Bring your Dutch Oven or let me know and will bring you one. Try your hand at competing with those "experts" around the coals. We often have "off the cuff" discussions on various subjects. Am always amazed at the knowledge some have and willingly share it. Cost is very nominal this year because we will be doing a BO practice. If you want a cabin it is $10 per head per night. Being an old poor boy (and tight) we will be tenting or campering it. Bring your electric lines and water hoses or use the cabin's facilities. Parking may be at a premium as they have planted shrubbery/trees in most of the old open areas-please do not run over them. Being a family oriented gathering please keep any beverages in ("brown bag") containers per camp rules. The camp is a shooting sports 4-H camp so open carry is fine-most do. Please, if you bring it out of holster unload. As a kid I had a hole put in me from an "unloaded" gun. Safety first as always--we need to be good examples for the kids-they are our future. We usually have community meals. Breakfasts are usually country ham, Rayfield's sausage(Mmmm), bacon, waffles, pan cakes, grits, hash browns, eggs cooked as you like them (long as they are scrambled-lol), coffee, hot chocolat, home made preserves/jellies/jams, and fresh biscuits/maybe ho cake. If you have a particular skill/knowledge please PM and let's put you to work. If you have a particular subject you would like to have covered PM and will try to work it in. We have fun--with a purpose--to learn to be able to provide for our families well being and safety. Gosh, didn't mean to ramble on so long.


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That is the price one has to pay when the site saves space and pushes things together. Sometimes my fingers get faster than my letter writing etiquite.
Speaking of the gathering--be sure to bring your BO gear. We can have a "round robin"/show and tell for the newbies. Encouraging folks to be prepared for any eventuality can be fun if approached with a helpful attitude. Do not forget to bring your shooters-rifle/pistol/shotgun ranges including skeet and archery. If into bow hunting there is an excellent range available. Might even play with a crossbow a bit.


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We'll be moving up that way by NOV. Maybe we can take a little time earlier on a "House Hunting" Trip and stop by. Sounds real nice!


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Our medicinal herb/survival diet "expert" has taken a job in Texas. We need someone to take his place as several have expressed a desire to know more about it. Any here knowledgeable or know of anyone who could come? Thanks, wc


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Weather is going to be great-70+ days. Have ammo and pistol case for door prizes. Have name tags this time so we can more easily learn each other. Helps when folks like me try to remember--lol.

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