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I don't know about residents of other Alabama counties, but residents of Blount County do not "renew" their CCW permits. Instead, they apply for a new one each year.

Last year's letter from the sheriff's office said, "We have purchased new software for our computer system[,] and because of the change; [sic] we will need a NEW permit application for everyone. This year's letter says the same thing.

Apparently, their "new" software can't store much data, because now it's a new application every time.

Yes, the procedure is fast here, too. It's just that you have to re-apply every year. The county already has all your information. Why would they require a new, identical application to perform a background check?
IMHO, the State of Alabama needs to adopt a uniform shall-issue permitting system instead of this may-issue nonsense.

IMHO, you are just a troll looking for a reason to do some more insulting of our state.

The system works, if you don't like it, vote to change it.

Ooooooh, yeah, you don't live here:no:.


Now back to the topic

In Lee county, we renew. They even send cards on the first of the month to remind you and we can do it by mail.
In Jefferson Co they send you a reminder card also. Walk in, pay the 7.50, or add a little to it if you want it laminated, on your merry way. Now getting the permit takes about a little bit, but I had rather them take a while and do what they are supposed to do, than give it to every thug that walks in.
In Shelby County we just mail in a check for $20.00 and a copy of our previous permit. No card to tell us it is time, but it is easy to just add to calendar on a smart phone or just write it on a wall calendar. :triniti: I like the "laminate" idea.

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