Blaming objects?

Hey guys,

First off let me say that here in PRMA, people seem to blame everything else they can instead of people. This may be confusing because I was so confused for many years. Here in PRMA, if you fail class, skip School, mouth off to the teacher, then people say "the teacher is just too hard, too un-fair, prejudice, etc". They don't blame the student for failing or skipping. They make excuses here for people. Drugs, "hes a product of the tough environment he lives in". Murder "oh there are just too many firearms out there". These are things I hear as I go about my day in the office. It sickens me! C'mon, IT’S PEOPLE! So because I'm large and overweight I should blame forks and spoons and the people who make them? NO! It’s my own damn fault no one else’s. I get so annoyed when people say that firearms are to blame for shootings. In my mind, if a person wants to do harm and kill innocent people because he is crazy, he will do it. Wether it's with a knife, fork, spoon, gun, bomb, car, bus, plane, train, pencils, pens, hammers, drills, etc. My favorite bumper sticker I ever saw was one that said "guns don't kill people, people kill people". Are people so dumb these days that they aren’t held accountable for their own actions? Maybe I just live in a crazy area and need to move, but I SOOO don't fit in here. Sorry for the rant. If I don't make any sense I apologize. Its early, I haven't had any coffee, and yeah.

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Capo, you need to move to a free country. The nearest one to you might be Florida. Tennessee and Kentucky are starting to get it right. Maybe go on down to Texas, but they have other problems coming up from the south.:sarcastic:
you make total sense.. I agree with you. so tired of hearing that kind of crap on the news everytime something bad happens. people don't take responsibility for their own actions anymore. how retarded are people becoming.. pisses me off. so let's blame something that is not alive, can't think, can't function without a living being manipulating it... sounds good to me.
Every time I listen to the news, I haer about "Rights", you never hear about responsibility. Every "Right" has an even greater amount of responsibility attached to it.
Heart Condition

It all boils down to a heart condition. A large group of people in our country refuse to acknowledge that fact. Since society has refused to work on the root of the problem we will continue to have to trim the branches. And since the bad branches are so close to the good branches, all the branches get trimmed.

Common sense seems to have taken a vacation.
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not to mention the one side the media can only report innocent bystander or another Cop got shot today....It never reads...cop shoots and stops escaped felon and protects the rest of society. wich I know happens more often than the negative examples they continue to adhere to
yeah he just flew over that car,,I figured if there are any LEO's on the site they may get a kick out of it'
if you watch closely he's firing at the officers before the dog nails him
This is a country wide problem. When it was found that a shooter's excuse was a recent lay off and "poor" English skills, rather than holding that individual responsible they started wondering where everyone had gone wrong. When a kid shoots several students at school the statements are "He was a good boy", "He was just troubled", etc. These individuals made a conscious decision to do what they did. They should be treated as the criminals they are and not some wrongly done victim. Start holding those who commit crimes responsible, blame them not everyone, or everything, else.
I think this goes a little deeper. When you cheapen life by condoning the murder of babies that have not been born and protect criminals from capital punishment or prison or treat them as heroes because of their race, we have a big problem.

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