Blair Holt's Bill proposed-action needed


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Sponsor (former Black Panther) Rep. Bobby Rush D-IL Firearm Licensing and Record of Sale Act of 2009
This is very disturbing reading. 111th Congress 1st Session. You need to read this proposed bill and pass it on to every gun owner and gun store owner you know. They should e-mail, call, fax to their congressman urging defeat of this. It is not a bill at this time but only a proposed one! :mad::mad::mad:

*** You may go to ***** and read about this and also it is very easy to send your congressmen and representatives an e-mail from that site. I encourage all to do so!!!!!

***See what the great state of Alaska did in post below****

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While this legislation is very distubing, on the level of end of the world disturbing, it has no real chance of going anywhere. There are no cosponsors and no activity. This is one of those things Rep. Bobby Rush (most or all Congressment do it) introduces every now and again to appease the people paying him. I don't think anyone in Congress takes this seriously.

BUT, We need to monitor to make sure it goes nowhere!!!!

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