Bit of a dilemma, how to "safe" gun while visiting military installation?


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Well, I'm running into a situation that I haven't been in before and am at somewhat of a loss on what I'm going to do. My Son is in basic at Ft. Sill. I live in Missouri. I have a CCW permit (yes they call it CCW in Missouri)and as I am often traveling alone with my 3 other kids it goes everywhere I go. Here is the problem.

He graduates basic late in October at Ft. Sill, OK. I am going to family day and graduation from the middle of Missouri with 2 of my other 3 kids in the Jeep. The oldest daughter has her National Volleyball Tournament in Springfield, MO at the same time. She is traveling with the team while we go to OK to sons graduation. Once his "family time" is over and he has to go on to AIT (spl?) training we are leaving OK and headed to Springfield to her tournament. This is over the course of 4 days.

Here is the problem. You CANNOT have a weapon even in a locked box on Base. I will be staying in a hotel in OK while there and I WILL NOT leave my gun in my room as that is NOT safe. I did call the proper division on base and asked them about having it stored in a locked box in the jeep and they said NO WEAPONS PERIOD on the base by non-military personnel (and it has to be registered and going from site to site only even if military personnel other than MP).

I will not travel without it so I need to come up with some way to secure it while in OK on the base. I will be there during the work week, not weekend, so I guess I could find a bank, rent a SD box for a couple of days, but there has got to be a better solution than this. I'm an unsure about asking the hotel if they can lock it in a safe? Has anyone done this? How "secure" did you feel doing it if you did?

Other option is to park at the gate, leave it in the lock box in the Jeep and walk on base, but depending on weather, it may not be doable. Open to hearing any good ideas (meaning not "concealed means concealed" regarding walking onto a military installation, not going to happen, period) or things others have done in this situation.

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Some gun dealers have a place to lock up your guns for a small fee, is there one near that you can contact?


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^^^Excellent suggestion. I hadn't thought of that. I will check into it. Thank you! I like that much better than the hotel.


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Call the Fort Sills Commander and he/she may have it secured at the gate and you can pick it up when you leave, if you request it. Never hurts to ask.


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You inferred that others have suggested just carrying it since concealed is concealed. I work on a military base and there is no question that there would be no forgiveness if they caught you with a gun on base. I'm glad you found a gun shop to store it for you. I have had to accept that as far as to and from work I have no choice but to not carry.


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If you feel safe leaving the gun locked in the vehicle, you could do that and rent a car for the trip to the base or take a taxi.

I feel your pain, I work 20 minutes from the gun range I am a member of in one direction, and I live 45 minutes from work in the other direction. I can't go to the gun range after work because I can't bring my guns on base even locked up in the vehicle.


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You are going to need to call Ft Sill. They will put you in contact with the Armory, so you can check in your firearm. At the gate your going to meet the guards and one of them will escort you to the armory. Where the master at arms will check your firearm.

this depends on the Fort or installation. So that is why you need to contact them ahead of time.

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The easiest way to do this, is to go to the front desk, and put your weapon in a locked box. You have a key and the hotel has a key. I have done this several times.


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Great, I make the plans necessary to safe my weapon while in OK, and then tonight, on the discussion board for my son's unit I see this:

Lawton, OKla._

On the heels of a brutal home invasion that led to the arrests of four Fort Sill soldiers, military personnel are on edge after they were rumored to be the target of gang retaliation.

Several military installations including Altus Air Force base, Tinker Air Force base, and even Fort Sill all released statements Friday afternoon that stated that military personal were asked to be extra cautious due to an ongoing investigation.

Both Altus and Tinker Air Force base also said they were asking military personnel not wear their military uniforms for extended periods of time while eating or shopping, or while traveling to and from the Lawton area.

Lawton Police Chief Ronnie Smith said despite the precautionary measures, no confirmed threat to the military had been made, but instead that rumors claimed some of the victims from the home invasion were Lawton gang members and because of that, their fellow gang members were seeking revenge on anyone they believed to be military personnel.

Even more shocking than the brutal home invasion itself that left six people injured, four with gunshot wounds , were the arrests of four Fort Sill soldiers.

"I'm actually appalled I've lived here 15 years and I've never seen anything like this and its a little bit scary you know not knowing who's doing what around here.", said a Lawton woman who did not want to be identified.

Another man who also did not want to be indented, retired from the Army and said hearing that soldiers could be responsible for the violent home invasion made him feel like they weren't following the code of laws or morals they originally signed up for when they joined the military.

"they're supposed to defend the constitution and protect the nation and when you do something like that it makes everybody look bad in the military."

Lawton resident Phyllis Moore said that it's was shame that the military was being associated with the isolated incident.

"I think there's something we really need to do to cut down on this crime, I really do. And our military being in that is really bad for the guys that's honest in the military that's trying to make a career out of it, it really gives them a bad name."

And while many people hold military personnel to a higher moral code, one woman who did not want to be identified as well wanted to remind others that all groups of people regardless of their moral standards are subject to crime.

"I'm more aware that there are the same types of people in the trenches of the city that are actually serving our armed services.



Then this response from the official official:


@curtis, we will make sure that we place the necessary precautions before the Soldiers leave post to go on their passes. and each Soldier will be briefed on where they can and can't go.


Now I'm rethinking leaving it "secured" at a dealer and seeing if the hotel has a lock box or leaving it in a gun safe in my vehicle at the gate parking and walking in regardless of the weather. I know the odds of anything happening are not much, but I prefer to have the advantage for that small percentage also.

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