Birthers here we go again...


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CapGun:216443 said:
Damn! I thought Barry O'Bama was from Ireland!
Snakes come from many places and are really good and blending in with their surrounding when it suits them. Makes it easier to sneak up prey....


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First of all, let me say that I don't give a rat's butt what color Obama is. I do not feel like he is a true American. There are too many questions of where he was born, what his real name is, being a foreign student in the US, having numerous Social Security Numbers, etc., etc. However, be that as it may, he is the least presidential thing to come down the pike since this country started. How can anyone in their right mind think he has helped this country? Drive through any city in the US and see how many businesss have closed, how many people are out of work, how many factories have gone offshore, out of control spending and the general collapse of our country. Why won't the Justice Department prosecute the Black Panthers that tried to interfere with voting? Why the reluctance to call a Muslim a terrorist? Why try to try Muslims combatants from the Middle East in our court system? I could go on, ad nauseum, but would still be unable to convince some on here that the Pied Piper is no friend to us and our way of life. Without a doubt, he is black and a racist who has surrounded himself with others of the same ilk to achieve his goals. He has circumvented our Congress and those lackluster people don't even realize it. By saying this doesn't make one a racist. It just points out the obvious which can not be denied. There are two black men in the political arena right now that I would vote for in a flash. Not because they are black but because they are true Americans who want to put the country first. They have had business and military experience which would enable them to have a better understanding of the duties of the President. They are doers and thinkers, not someone who has to have others lead them around. Those of you who follow the "Annointed One" only have a few months to wake up and realize where he is leading us. Socialism is not the answer nor is Islam right for us. If this keeps up, you will have only yourselves to blame. And, as an afterthought, the threats of holding up Social Security payments, etc. because of the budget are false. Social Security does not print the checks, the Treasury Department does and the Secretary of the Treasury does not have the authority to hold up those checks. Only the President. So, if you don't get your checks, who ya' gonna call?


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Right, wooddoctor! We are called racists because we oppose 0bama. I don't care AT ALL what color he is, but I hate communism/socialism/liberalism.
What do you call it when 95percent of a race vote exactly the same way?

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