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I ride a bike and sometimes when you are out for that all important "putt" to unwind and clear your head, you sometimes pull into a place that requires you to secure your weapon before you walk into a AR law stated GFZ, ie: bar, school, court house etc..anyway, my bike does not have any secure way to lock up any of my pistols, no touring trunk, no "lockable" saddle bags what I did was purchase a gun holster from S&S sales in AZ. Link Removed

I have not had time to bolt this holster on, been busy building adeck on the house, and as soon as I can, I will post further info with pic's here.

While I was on the phone ordering this holster, I had to reaffirm to Steve (owner and super operator of S&S sales) that in AR, concealed means CONCEALED and that while the gun was locked up on the bike, it needed to be concealed. WHat they did was to make a leather fold over cover that snaps in place to hide the gun better. I will mount this holster on the left side, (you can get either right or left side mount) and my thinking on left side mount is, it's on the kick stand side and not protruding way out in the open while parked. Not very likely that I would ever ride with a gun in the holster due to either wx or hwy dirt-n-grime. The gun stays on me when we are together.

So anyway, I just wanted to post an option that we have when it comes to bikes and guns. I will update this thread as soon as I can. Until then, ride safe, ride smart!

I have a padle holster that will hang inside my hard bags on my Road king. This is a neat idea if it is covered
I finally got the time to bolt this gun holster up on the bike. It was a little tough to do but with some patience and proper tools (1/4" open end wrench helps alot!). Took me abt an hour, maybe less if I didn't have to make a run to the autoparts store.

Here is the system as I have it.
Link Removed

The mounting system employs the tamper proof allen head screws (it comes with the allen head tool to install with). Here is the bracket mounted.
Link Removed
Link Removed
The hard part was trying to get my fat fingers and the tamper proof allen tool inside the holster to tighten the bolt.
Link Removed
Link Removed

So with some patience, here it is.
Link Removed
Link Removed

The locking button pushes in and a pin locks thru the trigger guard securing your gun in the holster..pretty simple..
Be sure that it's UNLOADED before you secure the lock through the trigger guard. Don't want you to end up in the news like a recent U.S. Airways pilot. :wink:

I picked up a set of "security" bits from Sears. There's a tourque bit that wil fit your "tamper proof" screws. I've used my bit set with a pair of pliers in a similar tight situation. If you have the correct adapter, you may be able to fit the bits on a small ratchet or box wrench set.


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